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EXRC European Xenopus Resource Centre

Research Interests

Xenopus Stock Center

Research Area

The European Xenopus Resource Centre (EXRC) is situated in Portsmouth, United Kingdom and provides tools and services to support researchers using Xenopus models. The EXRC depends on researchers to obtain and deposit Xenopus transgenic and mutant lines, Xenopus in-situ hybridization clones, Xenopus specific antibodies and other resources with the centre. EXRC staff perform quality assurance testing on these reagents and then makes them available to the community at cost. EXRC also supplies wild type Xenopus, embryos, oocytes, egg extracts, X.tropicalis Fosmids, X.laevis BACs and ORFeomes. A list of what is available can be found on the website, but if you don’t see what you need, call us: if we can help, we will!

Current Members

Guille, Matt J (Principal Investigator/Director) Contact
Abu Daya, Anita (Post-doc) Contact
Noble, Anna (Post-doc)
Godwin, Annie L (Research Associate/Assistant)
Moszynska, Magdalena (Research Associate/Assistant)


Piccinni, Maya Z (Research Associate/Assistant)

Additional Information

The EXRC is funded by the Welcome Trust, NERC and BBSRC.


Institution: University of Portsmouth.


Web Page:

General/Lab Phone: +44 2392 842327