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Conlon Lab

Research Interests

Mesoderm patterning and heart development

Research Area

The work in our lab is focused on identifying the molecular networks that are essential for early heart development and how alterations in these networks lead to congenital heart disease. For these studies, we use a highly integrated approach that incorporates developmental, genetic, proteomic, biochemical and molecular based studies. Recent advances and projects of interest in the Conlon lab include studies that explore cardiac interaction networks as determinants of transcriptional specificity, the mechanism and function of cardiac transcriptional repression networks and, the regulatory networks of cardiac morphogenesis.

Current Members

Conlon, Frank L (Principal Investigator/Director)
Showell, Chris (Post-doc)
Kuchenbrod, Lauren M. (Technician)
Binder, Olav (Graduate Student)
Paden, Erika L. (Graduate Student)
Waldron, Lauren K. (Graduate Student)


Amin, Nirav M (Post-doc)
Tandon, Panna (Post-doc)


Institution: University of North Carolina

Department of Genetics
University of North Carolina
220 Fordham Hall
Medical Drive
Chapel Hill, NC
27599-3280, USA

Web Page:

General/Lab Fax: 919-843-3399