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Research Interests

DNA damage and replication checkpoints

Research Area

The major interests of the lab are to understand the molecular mechanisms that govern the activation of DNA replication checkpoint (Recolin et al., 2012; Recolin and Maiorano, 2012; Bétous et al., 2013), and the DNA damage response (Tsanov et al., 2013), in somatic cells as well as during early development, when checkpoints are relaxed (Van der Laan et al., 2013). We are also seeking new genes implicated in the DNA damage response using in vitro screens in Xenopus egg extracts. We have identified several genes as potential new candidates implicated in the DNA damage response whose characterization is currently under way.


Institution: CNRS-Institute of Human Genetics

CNRS-Institute of Human Genetics
141, rue de la cardonille
34396 Cedex 5, France

Web Page:

Personal Phone: 0033434359973

General/Lab Fax: 0033434359901