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Guillonneau & Jullien CR2TI Lab

Research Interests

Cell and gene engineering in tolerance, fertility and regenerative medicine

Research Area

Some of our current research topics. Transgenesis, genome and epigenome editing (PIs: Ignacio Anegon, Matthieu Giraud, Jérôme Jullien) - Through our IBiSA-labeled platforms (TRIP and GenoCell Edit) gene editing of immune genes using CRISPRs and different viral vectors are applied to a) human CD8+ Tregs to KO or KI genes (TCRs or CARs directed against alloantigens); b) human CD34+ cells derived from ES/iPS KO or KI for different immune genes used to humanize immunodeficient mice or rats to explore the function of these genes; c) The generation of KO and KI rats (KO for IgM, Rag1, IL2Rγ, Aire or KI for Foxp3-GFP) using gene-specific nucleases (ZFNs, TALENs, CRISPRs). - We also apply epigenome editing tools to probe the function of epigenetic marks in gene regulation, notably in self-antigen expressing thymic cells. Stem cell fate, developmental biology and fertility (PIs: Jérôme Jullien, Laurent David, Thomas Fréour) - Cell fate during human preimplantation development: We focus on the analysis of the epigenetic contribution of sperm to cell fate establishment and on the signalling pathways regulating embryonic cell commitment. We have conducted a very active clinical research on fertility. - We investigate somatic cell reprogramming to early embryonic fate to reveal the epigenetic barriers to cell fate change. - We generate human GMP hepatocytes derived from ES/iPS cells to transplant in liver diseases, we correct iPSC from patients with liver genetic diseases using CRISPRs and to confer them immune stealth properties. - We differentiate human ES/iPS towards CD34+ cells (to humanize immunodeficient rats) and the to CD8+ Tregs or toward mTECs a source of therapeutic cells.

Current Members

Jullien, Jerome (Principal Investigator/Director)


Institution: INSERM, Nantes University

Web Page: