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Marchant Lab

Research Interests

Cellular and regenerative biology

Research Area

Research Summary: The business of Ca2+ signaling is one of information delivery, and it’s hard to think of any cell process that is not regulated by Ca2+. Ca2+ signals also direct cell fate, and we are interested in the role of Ca2+ in directing stem cell differentiation and neurogenesis. Our current work examines regeneration of planarian flatworms as a simple paradigm for understand how Ca2+ signals bias regeneration toward CNS formation. We are examining whether ‘pharmacological engineering’ – using drugs to engage particular Ca2+ fluxes in vivo – can be used to promote neurogenesis. This is pure, simple, enjoyable basic science: with potential impact for studying human diseases from neurodegenerative conditions to a surprising relevance to infectious diseases that infect millions of people worldwide.Our breadth in pursuing problems with diverse approaches – from single molecule-level investigations into cell signaling architecture up to tissue regeneration studies in vivo – represents our mojo that trainees must have broad scope in bringing the best suited methods to bear on key research questions that motivate them.

Current Members

Marchant, Jonathan S. (Principal Investigator/Director) Contact


Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin

Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Web Page:

Personal Phone: (414) 955-8261