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Mohun Lab (retired)

Research Interests

Heart formation in vertebrates

Research Area

The Mohun lab made major inroads into understanding out how the heart develops and what goes wrong when babies are born with heart problems and in adult heart disease. Using frog and mouse embryos as models for human development, they are studied the genes involved in building a heart, how they direct the growth and movement of different groups of cells as the heart forms and find out how faults in important genes lead to heart defects. By bringing together genetic studies with high-powered three-dimensional imaging technology they built an incredibly detailed picture of the heart as it grows. Their results help to explain the origins of devastating birth defects and life-threatening adult heart diseases, pointing towards future tests and treatments.

Current Members

Mohun, Tim J (Principal Investigator/Director)


Towers, Norma (Research Associate/Assistant)
Chambers, Anne E (Graduate Student)


Institution: The Francis Crick Institute

ILAR Code: Mohun

Heart Formation in Vertebrates Laboratory
The Francis Crick Institute
United Kingdom