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Green Lab

Research Interests

Embryonic patterning and cell polarity

Research Area

My lab uses Xenopus frog and mouse embryos to investigate basic mechanisms in development. This includes the molecular mechanisms governing morphogenesis and morphogen growth factor action (Turing patterning, activin, Wnts). Frog work focuses on convergent extension in gastruloids. We enjoy collaborating with computational modellers and understanding the links between genes and the physical formation of macroscopic biological structures. My group works within a lively Developmental Biology Department at the Guy's Hospital campus of King's College London with fabulous views over the heart of central London. We are beginning to apply our morphogen expertise to directed differentiation of embryonic stem cells.

Current Members

Green, Jeremy B.A. (Principal Investigator/Director)


Institution: King's College London

ILAR Code: Green

King's College London
Centre for Craniofacial Regeneration and Biology
Guy's Tower, Floor 27
SE1 9RT, United Kingdom

Personal Phone: +44 207 188 1794

General/Lab Fax: +44 207 188 1795