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Wheeler Lab

Research Interests

Wnt signalling and cell adhesion

Research Area

Key Research Interests My group works on the molecular events that govern the origin and migration of different cell types within the developing embryo. The model organism we use is the amphibian Xenopus laevis Current Research Projects: The role of micro RNAs in Xenopus development. The effects of Wnt signalling on early development and later organogenesis. In particular we are studying the function of frizzleds in neural crest, neural and heart development The role of the cell adhesion/migration in development. We are currently focused on matrix metalloproteinases and their roles in early development including during neural crest and embryonic macrophage cell migration. Chemical genetic screens to identify small molecules that affect aspects of development focussing on cell migration and movement.

Current Members

Wheeler, Grant N (Principal Investigator/Director)


Institution: University of East Anglia

Web Page: