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Levin Lab

Research Interests

symmetry and asymmetry

Research Area

Our work is highly interdisciplinary, at the intersection of biology, engineering, and physics, merging the tools of molecular genetics, cell biology, mathematical/computer modeling, and physiology and using model systems such as chick, frog, zebrafish, and planaria. Current projects include the bioelectrical control of appendage regeneration and eye development, automated analysis of behavioral for studies in neuroplasticity and nootropic drug screening, the role of neurotransmitters as pre-nervous morphogens in development, and the dynamics of memories during brain regeneration.

Current Members

Levin, Michael (Principal Investigator/Director)
Pai, Vaibhav P (Principal Investigator/Director)
Chernet, Brook (Post-doc)
McDowell, Gary S (Post-doc)
Lemire, Joan M. (Research Associate/Assistant)
Allen, Amanda (Lab Manager)


Institution: Tufts University


Web Page: