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Marheineke Lab

Research Interests

Dynamics of DNA replication in higher eukaryotes

Research Area

In higher eukaryotes DNA replication starts at thousands of sites in the genome called replication origins. Our group is interested how the activation of these multiple origins is coordinated in space and time and how this is linked to genomic instability which leads to cancer.

Current Members

Marheineke, Kathrin (Principal Investigator/Director)

Additional Information

Keywords : DNA replication, origins of replication, checkpoint, Chk1, Xenopus in vitro system, DNA combing, genomic instability, cancer


Institution: Instit.Integrative Biol. of the Cell

Dept. Genome Biology
Institute of Integrative Biology of the Cell
Université Paris Sud, UMR 9198
Avenue de la Terrasse - Bât. 26
91198 GIF-SUR-YVETTE Cedex

Web Page:

General/Lab Phone: 0033-169824387