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Nicolas Pollet


Group leader

Research Description

The scientific question that we tackle is the comparative and evolutive study of the complexity of genome structure in the amphibians. In particular we focus on :

    The metagenomes as a  genome community of species living in tight interaction (commensalism, symbiosis, parasitism…).
    Genomes of extreme size and the enigma of the C value (polyploidisation, re-diploidisation, B-chromosome, repeated DNA…).
    The dynamic of genome (B chromosome, mosaicisation inside an individual, horizontal transfer, polymorphisms, germinal-somatic  rearrangements ).

Lab Memberships

Pollet Group (Principal Investigator/Director)


Laboratoire EGCE
CNRS bat 13
1, avenue de la Terrasse
F-91198, France


Web Page:

General/Lab Fax:  +33 1 69 82 37 10
Phone:  +33 1 69 82 37 10