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Babij, Simone K
Canberra, ACT, 0200, Australia
General/Lab Phone: +61 2 6125 3129
Email: simone.babij@anu.edu.au

Bader, David M
Email: david.bader@vanderbilt.edu

Web: https://medicine.vumc.org/person/david-m-bader-phd

Bajpai, Ruchi
University of Southern California, Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Los Angeles, CA, 90033, USA
Phone: 3234221220
Email: rbajpai@usc.edu

Baker, Julie C.
Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 94305, USA
Phone: 650-736-0278
Email: jbaker@stanford.edu

Web: http://www.stanford.edu/group/bakerlab/Welcome.html

Baker, Sheila A.
University of Iowa, Biochemistry, 4-712 BSB, 51 Newton Rd, Iowa City, IA, 52242, USA
General/Lab Fax: 319-335-6516, Phone: 319-353-4119
Email: sheila-baker@uiowa.edu

Web: http://www.biochem.uiowa.edu/baker/index.html

Baker, Charlie C
Department of Biology,, Boston College,, Chestnut Hill,, Massachusetts, USA

Baker, Betty S
Division of Developmental Biology,, National Institute for Medical Research,, The Ridgeway,, London, United Kingdom

Barbosa, Lucilia
Email: Lucilia_Barbosa@hms.harvard.edu

Barbosa-Morais, Nuno L
iMM, Lisbon, Portugal

Web: http://imm.medicina.ulisboa.pt/group/compbio/Nuno.html

Barhanin, Jacques
Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France

Barker, Donna

Barnard, Daron C
Biology Department, Worcester State University, 486 Chandler St, Worcester, MA, 01602, USA
Phone: 508-929-8143
Email: dbarnard@worcester.edu

Web: http://www.worcester.edu/Daron-Barnard/

Barnstable, Colin J
Email: cjb30@psu.edu

Web: https://sites.psu.edu/barnstable/

Baur, Bobbi M.
7960 Stromesa Court, San Diego, CA, 92126, USA
Phone: 858-578-2028
Email: bobbi@aquaneering.com

Web: http://www.aquaneering.com

Bayyari, Nadia M
Division of Developmental Biology CCHMC, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Email: Nadia.Bayyari@cchmc.org

Bearce, Elizabeth A.
355 Higgins Hall, 140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, 02467, USA
Email: bearcee@bc.edu

Web: https://www2.bc.edu/laura-anne-lowery/

Beck, Caroline W
Department of Zoology, University of Otago, P.O. Box 56, Dunedin, 9054, New Zealand
Phone: +64 34794109
Email: caroline.beck@otago.ac.nz

Web: https://www.otago.ac.nz/beck-lab/index.html

Bell, Esther
Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, King's College London, Guy's Campus, London, United Kingdom
Email: esther.bell@kcl.ac.uk

Web: https://kclpure.kcl.ac.uk/portal/en/persons/esther-bell(3536405a-3fa6-486b-ac83-7414dd380c5f).html

Bell, Andrew J
Xenbase, Cincinnati Children's, Division of Developmenatal Biology, Cincinnati, USA
Email: andrew.bell@cchmc.org

Web: http://www.xenbase.org

Bellefroid, Eric J
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), ULB Neuroscience Institute (UNI), Institut of Molecular Biology and Medecine (IBMM), Rue des Profs Jeener et Brachet 12, Gosselies, Hainaut, 6041, Belgium
General/Lab Fax: 00 32 2 650 97 33, Phone: 00 32 2 650 97 32
Email: ebellefr@ulb.ac.be

Web: http://gendev.ulb.ac.be/bellefroidlab/

Bellini, Michel
Dept of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Illinois, 601 S. Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL, 61801, USA
Email: bellini@illinois.edu

Web: http://mcb.illinois.edu/faculty/profile/bellini

Belmont, MD PhD., John W
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA
Email: jbelmont@bcm.edu

Web: https://www.bcm.edu/people/view/john-belmont-m-d-ph-d/b1880eba-ffed-11e2-be68-080027880ca6

Belo, Jose Antonio
Regenerative Medicine Program, University of Algarve, Center for Biomedical Research (CBMR), Faro, Portugal

Bement, William M
Department of Integrative Biology, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Madison, WI, USA
Email: wmbement@wisc.edu

Web: http://bement.molbio.wisc.edu

Bengal, Eyal
Email: bengal@tx.technion.ac.il

Web: http://md.technion.ac.il/lecturers/lecturer_desc.asp?lecturerID=51

Berns, Anton
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Division of Molecular Genetics and Centre of Biomedical Genetics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Email: a.berns@nki.nl

Web: http://www.nki.nl/divisions/molecular-genetics/berns-a-group/

Bertolesi, Gabriel E.
Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada

Bertolotti, Evalina
Department of Life Sciences, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, via Campi 213/D, Modena, Italy

Besharse, Joseph C
Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy, Medical College of Wisconsin, 8701 Watertown Plank Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53226-0509, USA
Phone: 414-456-8261, Fax: 414-456-6571
Email: jbeshars@mcw.edu

Web: http://www.mcw.edu/display/router.asp?docid=16420

Bestman, Jennifer E
Faculty of Neuroscience, Integrated Science Center 2137, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg,, VA, 23185, USA
General/Lab Phone: 757-221-1896
Email: jebestman@wm.edu

Web: https://www.wm.edu/as/biology/people/faculty/bestman_j.php

Bezold, Kelly
Email: Bezoldk@wlu.edu

Bheekha, Melissa
Email: bheekhamandira@gmail.com

Bhushan, Anil
Centre for Integrative Physiology, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Bibi, Anisa
701 Howard Avenue, Apt 4-2, Newhaven CT, 06519, New Haven, Connecticut, 06519, USA
Phone: +12038096101
Email: anisabibi.bibi@yale.edu

Bilinski, Szczepan
Institute of Zoology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
Email: szczepan.bilinski@uj.edu.pl

Bilogan, Cassandra
Brown University, Providence, RI, USA

Bin, Jung S.
Email: aaaaavgt@naver.com

Binder, Olav
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

biomart, creative Rachel
Email: creativebiomart35@outlook.com

Web: https://www.creativebiomart.net/

Biswas, Abin
IRI Life Sciences, Philippstrasse 13, Haus 18, Berlin, Berlin, 10115, Germany
Email: abin.biswas@mpl.mpg.de

Bittner, George D.

Web: http://www.biosci.utexas.edu/neuro/GeorgeBittner/index.html

Black, Graeme C.
School of Biomedicine, The University of Manchester, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, Central Manchester University Hospitals, and NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PT, United Kingdom
Email: graeme.black@manchester.ac.uk

Web: https://www.research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/en/researchers/graeme-black(d581eaf6-d907-4830-8a01-b48a29240e94).html

Black, Sarah K.
Email: blacksk@cf.ac.uk

Blackburn, David C.
Division of Herpetology, Florida Museum of Natural History, and, Department of Biology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA
Phone: (415) 379-5375
Email: dblackburn@flmnh.ufl.edu

Web: http://www.blackburnlab.org/

Blackiston, Douglas J.

Blackshear, Perry J.
Email: black009@niehs.nih.gov

Blitz, Ira L.
4410 Natural Sciences Building 2, Department of Developmental and Cell Biology, University of California, Irvine, CA, 92697-2300, USA
Phone: 949 824 7950
Email: ILBLITZ@UCI.edu

Blobel, Carl P
HSS Research Institute, New York, USA
Email: blobelc@hss.edu

Web: https://www.hss.edu/research-staff_blobel-carl.asp

Blobel (1936-2018), Günter

Blow, J Julian
Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Dundee, DD1 5EH, United Kingdom
Personal Fax: 44-1382-388072, Phone: 44-1382-385797
Email: j.j.blow@dundee.ac.uk

Web: http://www.lifesci.dundee.ac.uk/groups/julian_blow/

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