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Name: Dr. Herbert Steinbeisser
Position: (1958-2014)
Research Description:
Herbert Steinbeisser was a well known and highly acclaimed developmental biologist based, most recently, in Heidelberg, Germany. A tribute to his life and research was written by Eddy M. De Robertis and Christof Niehrs, and appears in the International Journal of Dev. Biology 58: 299 - 302 (2014)  doi: 10.1387/ijdb.140117ed..

An extract follows: Herbert Steinbeisser was a developmental biologist completely immersed in science. Of a cheerful disposition and constant good humor, he was the best collaborator one could hope for. When such a nice, kind colleague is taken by cancer at age 56 it seems so unjust. Yet, his life is an illustration of how wonderful a life in science can be and we would like to relate it here.

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