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Profile Publications (26)
Name: Rogelio O. Arellano
Research Description:
The Institute of Neurobiology integrates a wide platform of multidisciplinary research on neurosciences, distributed along three main fundamental axes:

 a) A multi-level approach that ranges from molecular and cellular aspects, going through tissues, organs, and systems to reach the emergent properties of nervous activity such as behavior and cognition;
 b) These aspects are studied through the development of an organism as a whole, starting from the embryonic stage to maturity and senescence, and
 c) Various influences are considered that may be genetic or epigenetic, as well as their consequences at physiological and pathological levels.

Contact Information

Centro de Neurobiologia UNAM
Apdo. Postal 1-1141
Queretaro, QRO
76001, Mexico

Web Page:
Phone:  5 623 4062
Fax:  5 623 4046