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Profile Publications (46)
Name: Anton W Neff
Position: Emeritus Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology (retired)
Research Description:
Molecular Analysis of Embryonic Development, Wound Healing and  organ regeneration using amphibians as a model system.

I was involved in gene discovery research to identify genes that enhance or inhibit limb regeneration in amphibians.  We are using Xenopus laevis as a model system because premetamorphic larvae are able to regenerate organs such as limbs, but as they approach metamorphosis (prometamorphosis stage), they lose that ability.  Using subtraction screens and gene array screens we identified candidate genes that enhance hind limb regeneration at the regeneration-competent stage and candidate genes that inhibit hind limb regeneration at the regeneration-incompetent stage.   We characterized the expression of these candidate genes during normal development of the animal and limbs and during wound healing and limb regeneration

We have recently hypothesized that the changes in regenerative capacity correlate with changes in the immune system as the animal matures.  The immature immune system allows for fetal wound healing and regeneration by tolerating the formation and proliferation of the regeneration blastema.  The mature immune system favors rapid healing over regeneration, and therefore, results in fibrosis and scarring of wounds and in nonproductive regeneration

Lab Memberships

Anton W. Neff (Principal Investigator/Director)

Contact Information

Indiana University School of Medicine
Terre Haute, IN
47809, USA