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Name: Dr. Patricio A Castro
Position: Assistant Professor
Research Description:
Dr. Castro is a Biochemist and Researcher in Sciences from the University of Concepción, He completed a postdoctoral degree at University California, Davis, USA, in the laboratory of Dr. Laura Borodinsky, studying the development of the central nervous system, Specifically the formation of the neural tube, a process called neurulation, evaluating its physiology with molecular biology and biochemistry approaches. These findings contributed to explain the adverse effects of antiepileptic drug use during fetal development, identifying an association between glutamatergic transmission after synapse formation and the occurrence of malformations such as neural tube defects.

In July 2017, he arrived at the Department of Physiology of the University of Concepción as an Assistant Professor, continuing his research in the development of the nervous system and collaborating in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Contact Information

Laboratory of Physiology and Pharmacology for Neural Development
Universidad de Concepción

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