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Profile Publications (2)
Name: Dr. Judith AJ Steen
Position: Associate Professor of Neurology
Research Description:
Overview of research areas:

The development of novel and improved mass spectrometric and proteomic methods for the analysis of complex protein mixtures and the detailed characterization of proteins within these mixtures, including the analysis of post-translational protein modifications and the quantitation of protein abundances.

Development of instrument platforms for the detection and identification of disease-markers with special emphasis on pediatric diseases.

The use of mass spectrometry to identify mechanisms of cell cycle control during neurogenesis.
Development and applications of strategies to solve systems biological questions and problems at the proteome level. To achieve our goals we use proteomic and mass spectrometric technology in addition to biochemistry and molecular biology approaches, cell culture systems and animal models, including the mouse, the rat, and the African clawfrog.

Contact Information

Children's Hospital Boston
F. M. Kirby Center for Neurobiology Center for Life Science
Room 12030
3 Blackfan Circle,
Boston, MA
02115, USA

Web Page:
General/Lab Fax:  +1-617-730-2771
Phone:  +1-617-919-2450