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Profile Publications (30)
Name: Bruce Blumberg
Position: Associate Professor
Research Description:
Our laboratory is broadly interested in the study of gene regulation and intercellular signaling during embryonic development. We study a family of regulatory proteins called nuclear hormone receptors and their ligands. These receptors are all members of the steroid receptor superfamily and are ligand-regulated transcription factors that regulate important events during embryonic development and adult physiology. Our research is currently supported by grants from the  the Environmental Protection Agency, the California Cancer Research Committee, the UC Toxic substances Research and Training Program and the NIH. Previous support from the National Science Foundation (IBN-9904764), National Institutes of Health (GM-60572), National Center for Research Resources (RR-15088), Department of Defense (DAMD17-02-1-0323), National Cancer Institute (CA-87222), Avon Breast Cancer Foundation and Eisai Co., Ltd. were greatly appreciated.

Lab Memberships

Blumberg Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)

Contact Information

Department of Developmental and Cell Biology
School of Biological Sciences
University of California, Irvine.
5205 McGaugh Hall
Irvine, CA
92697-2300, USA

Web Page:
General/Lab Phone:  (949) 824-6873
Phone:  (949) 824-8573
Fax:  (949) 824-7467