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Name: Olivier Meiniel
Position: postdoc
Research Description:
I am in charge with analytical bioinformatics in a lab which is studying an ECM protein expressed in the brain. I already performed a number of annotations of this gene and other in silico analyses; I predicted mRNAs in the rat, dog, zebrafish and other species. I also registered the name of this gene at HUGO, MGI and ZFIN.
Now, I would like to edit the mRNA for the orthologous gene in X. tropicalis and it would be great if the gene nomenclature could also be registered, prior to perform a phylogenetic study which would relate the conservation of the protein in Vertebrates.

Contact Information

Olivier Meiniel
Inserm U384
Faculté de Médecine
28 Place Henri Dunant
63000, France

Web Page:
General/Lab Phone:  00 33 4 73 17 81 82