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Name: Dr. Aga A. Gambus
Position: Postdoc
Research Description:
I have been working in Professor Julian Blow’s laboratory at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression, University of Dundee. During this time I acquired experience in working with the Xenopus laevis egg extract system. Using this system, I showed that inactive core of replicative helicase (Mcm2-7 complex) is loaded onto origins of replication in the form of double hexamers, in agreement with data from a budding yeast in vitro reconstitution system. These results suggest that an Mcm2-7 double hexamer can initiate a bidirectional pair of forks during S phase, explaining one of the fundamental rules of DNA replication.

Recently, I moved to School of Cancer Sciences at the University of Birmingham where I started to pursue my independent research

Contact Information

School of Cancer Sciences
University of Birmingham
Vincent Drive
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Phone:  01214147984