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Profile Publications (37)
Name: Leon Grayfer
Position: Assistant Professor
Research Description:
Poikilothermic vertebrates such as amphibians possess considerably less effective adaptive immune components as compared to mammals, and thus must rely more heavily on the innate arms of their respective immune systems. Notably, innate immune cells such as macrophages are not only important to microbial clearance, but are often also infiltrated by invading infectious agents, towards pathogen persistence and dissemination. A great example of this dichotomy is represented in the infection of amphibians by ranaviruses such as Frog Virus 3, wherein distinct lineages of amphibian (Xenopus laevis) macrophages confer susceptibility and resistance to this pathogen. Accordingly, I am interested in delineating the developmental pathways and the immunological mechanisms governing X. laevis macrophage ontogeny and functional heterogeneity.

Lab Memberships

Grayfer Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)

Contact Information

George Washington University
Science & Engineering Hall
Room 5695
800 22ND ST NW
Washington, DC
20052, USA

Phone:  202-994-8076