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Profile Publications (14)
Name: Dr. Nadege Gouignard
Position: Assistant Professor
Research Description:
My research interest is to understand at the cellular and molecular levels the co-dependency between cell populations and tissues. Cooperation between cell populations is the hallmark of embryonic development as well as tumor development and cancer spreading. As a model of study, I focus on two embryonic cell populations, the neural crest and cranial placodes. These two cell populations give rise to most of the craniofacial structures and sensory organs of the head, and show co-dependency during their induction, development, and migration, similar to the relation between cancer cells and stroma. My goal is to dissect the functions of extracellular matrix proteins during neural crest and cranial placodes development.

Lab Memberships

Pera Lab (Post-doc, Alumni)

Contact Information

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Department of Biological Sciences
Room N52, Lapham Hall
3209 N Maryland Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
53211, USA

Phone:  (414) 251-6228