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Name: Dr. Sandrine Faure
Research Description:
The aim of our project is to study the regulation of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and cell invasion. The research area covers the functional crosstalk of Rho GTPase members in cell detachment and migration using the Xenopus laevis embryo neural crest cell model and mammalian epithelial cell cultures.

Guemar L, de Santa Barbara P, Vignal E, Maurel B, Fort P, Faure S. (2007). The small GTPase RhoV is an essential regulator of neural crest induction in Xenopus. Dev Biol., 310:113-28. 

Vignal E, de Santa Barbara P, Guemar L, Donnay JM, Fort P, Faure S. (2007). Expression of RhoB in the developing Xenopus laevis embryo. Gene Expr Patterns, 7 :282-8. 

Boureux A, Vignal E, Faure S, Fort P. (2007). Evolution of the Rho family of ras-like GTPases in eukaryotes. Mol. Biol. Evol., 24 :203-16. 

Faure S., Cau j., de Santa Barbara P., Bigou S., Ge Q., Delsert C., and Morin N. (2005). Xenopus p21-activated kinase 5 regulates blastomeres adhesive properties during convergent extension movements. Dev. Biol. , 277, 472-92.

Faure S., Lee M.A., Keller T., ten Dijke P., and Whitman M. (2000). Endogenous patterns of TGFß superfamily signaling during early Xenopus development. Development, 127, 2917-2931.

Lab Memberships

Faure Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)

Contact Information

Centre de Recherche de Biochimie Macromoléculaire
Centre de Recherche en Biologie cellulaire de Montpellier
1919, Route de Mende

Web Page:
General/Lab Fax:  33 4 67 52 15 59
Phone:  33 4 67 61 33 56