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Desynchronizing Embryonic Cell Division Waves Reveals the Robustness of Xenopus laevis Development., Anderson GA, Gelens L, Baker JC, Ferrell JE., Cell Rep. October 3, 2017; 21 (1): 37-46.                  

XenMine: A genomic interaction tool for the Xenopus community., Reid CD, Karra K, Chang J, Piskol R, Li Q, Li JB, Cherry JM, Baker JC., Dev Biol. June 15, 2017; 426 (2): 155-164.          

Transcriptional dynamics of tail regeneration in Xenopus tropicalis., Chang J, Baker J, Wills A., Genesis. January 1, 2017; 55 (1-2):       

E2a is necessary for Smad2/3-dependent transcription and the direct repression of lefty during gastrulation., Wills AE, Baker JC., Dev Cell. February 9, 2015; 32 (3): 345-57.                  

Identifying direct targets of transcription factor Rfx2 that coordinate ciliogenesis and cell movement., Kwon T, Chung MI, Gupta R, Baker JC, Wallingford JB, Marcotte EM., Genom Data. December 1, 2014; 2 192-194.      

Developmental enhancers are marked independently of zygotic Nodal signals in Xenopus., Gupta R, Wills A, Ucar D, Baker J., Dev Biol. November 1, 2014; 395 (1): 38-49.            

Chromatin immunoprecipitation and deep sequencing in Xenopus tropicalis and Xenopus laevis., Wills AE, Gupta R, Chuong E, Baker JC., Methods. April 1, 2014; 66 (3): 410-21.

The evolution of lncRNA repertoires and expression patterns in tetrapods., Necsulea A, Soumillon M, Warnefors M, Liechti A, Daish T, Zeller U, Baker JC, Grützner F, Kaessmann H., Nature. January 30, 2014; 505 (7485): 635-40.

Coordinated genomic control of ciliogenesis and cell movement by RFX2., Chung MI, Kwon T, Tu F, Brooks ER, Gupta R, Meyer M, Baker JC, Marcotte EM, Wallingford JB., Elife. January 1, 2014; 3 e01439.                                                  

RNA sequencing reveals a diverse and dynamic repertoire of the Xenopus tropicalis transcriptome over development., Tan MH, Au KF, Yablonovitch AL, Wills AE, Chuang J, Baker JC, Wong WH, Li JB., Genome Res. January 1, 2013; 23 (1): 201-16.

HEB and E2A function as SMAD/FOXH1 cofactors., Yoon SJ, Wills AE, Chuong E, Gupta R, Baker JC., Genes Dev. August 1, 2011; 25 (15): 1654-61.            

Bmp signaling is necessary and sufficient for ventrolateral endoderm specification in Xenopus., Wills A, Dickinson K, Khokha M, Baker JC., Dev Dyn. August 1, 2008; 237 (8): 2177-86.      

Genomic analysis of Xenopus organizer function., Hufton AL, Vinayagam A, Suhai S, Baker JC., BMC Dev Biol. June 6, 2006; 6 27.                  

XNF-ATc3 affects neural convergent extension., Borchers A, Fonar Y, Frank D, Baker JC., Development. May 1, 2006; 133 (9): 1745-55.          

FGF8 spliceforms mediate early mesoderm and posterior neural tissue formation in Xenopus., Fletcher RB, Baker JC, Harland RM., Development. May 1, 2006; 133 (9): 1703-14.            

Genomic profiling of mixer and Sox17beta targets during Xenopus endoderm development., Dickinson K, Leonard J, Baker JC., Dev Dyn. February 1, 2006; 235 (2): 368-81.                        

High-throughput functional screen of mouse gastrula cDNA libraries reveals new components of endoderm and mesoderm specification., Chiao E, Leonard J, Dickinson K, Baker JC., Genome Res. January 1, 2005; 15 (1): 44-53.

PTK7/CCK-4 is a novel regulator of planar cell polarity in vertebrates., Lu X, Borchers AG, Jolicoeur C, Rayburn H, Baker JC, Tessier-Lavigne M., Nature. July 1, 2004; 430 (6995): 93-8.

Characterization of mouse Rsk4 as an inhibitor of fibroblast growth factor-RAS-extracellular signal-regulated kinase signaling., Myers AP, Corson LB, Rossant J, Baker JC., Mol Cell Biol. May 1, 2004; 24 (10): 4255-66.

The E3 ubiquitin ligase GREUL1 anteriorizes ectoderm during Xenopus development., Borchers AG, Hufton AL, Eldridge AG, Jackson PK, Harland RM, Baker JC., Dev Biol. November 15, 2002; 251 (2): 395-408.              

Wnt signaling in Xenopus embryos inhibits bmp4 expression and activates neural development., Baker JC, Beddington RS, Harland RM., Genes Dev. December 1, 1999; 13 (23): 3149-59.              

Drosophila dSmad2 and Atr-I transmit activin/TGFbeta signals., Das P, Inoue H, Baker JC, Beppu H, Kawabata M, Harland RM, Miyazono K, Padgett RW., Genes Cells. February 1, 1999; 4 (2): 123-34.  

A novel mesoderm inducer, Madr2, functions in the activin signal transduction pathway., Baker JC, Harland RM., Genes Dev. August 1, 1996; 10 (15): 1880-9.

A human Mad protein acting as a BMP-regulated transcriptional activator., Liu F, Hata A, Baker JC, Doody J, Cárcamo J, Harland RM, Massagué J., Nature. June 13, 1996; 381 (6583): 620-3.

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