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Structure of the Dnmt1 Reader Module Complexed with a Unique Two-Mono-Ubiquitin Mark on Histone H3 Reveals the Basis for DNA Methylation Maintenance., Ishiyama S, Nishiyama A, Saeki Y, Moritsugu K, Morimoto D, Yamaguchi L, Arai N, Matsumura R, Kawakami T, Mishima Y, Hojo H, Shimamura S, Ishikawa F, Tajima S, Tanaka K, Ariyoshi M, Shirakawa M, Ikeguchi M, Kidera A, Suetake I, Arita K, Nakanishi M., Mol Cell. October 19, 2017; 68 (2): 350-360.e7.            

Uhrf1-dependent H3K23 ubiquitylation couples maintenance DNA methylation and replication., Nishiyama A, Yamaguchi L, Sharif J, Johmura Y, Kawamura T, Nakanishi K, Shimamura S, Arita K, Kodama T, Ishikawa F, Koseki H, Nakanishi M., Nature. October 10, 2013; 502 (7470): 249-53.  

Xenopus laevis Ctc1-Stn1-Ten1 (xCST) protein complex is involved in priming DNA synthesis on single-stranded DNA template in Xenopus egg extract., Nakaoka H, Nishiyama A, Saito M, Ishikawa F., J Biol Chem. January 2, 2012; 287 (1): 619-627.              

Essential roles of Xenopus TRF2 in telomere end protection and replication., Muraki K, Nabetani A, Nishiyama A, Ishikawa F., Genes Cells. June 1, 2011; 16 (6): 728-39.

Cell-cycle-dependent regulation of telomere binding proteins: roles of Polo-like kinase., Nishiyama A, Ishikawa F., Cell Cycle. July 1, 2006; 5 (13): 1403-6.

Cell-cycle-dependent Xenopus TRF1 recruitment to telomere chromatin regulated by Polo-like kinase., Nishiyama A, Muraki K, Saito M, Ohsumi K, Kishimoto T, Ishikawa F., EMBO J. February 8, 2006; 25 (3): 575-84.

MBD3 and HDAC1, two components of the NuRD complex, are localized at Aurora-A-positive centrosomes in M phase., Sakai H, Urano T, Ookata K, Kim MH, Hirai Y, Saito M, Nojima Y, Ishikawa F., J Biol Chem. December 13, 2002; 277 (50): 48714-23.

Identification and analyses of the Xenopus TERT gene that encodes the catalytic subunit of telomerase., Kuramoto M, Ohsumi K, Kishimoto T, Ishikawa F., Gene. October 17, 2001; 277 (1-2): 101-10.

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