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Normal development in Xenopus laevis: A complementary staging table for the skull based on cartilage and bone., MacKenzie EM, Atkins JB, Korneisel DE, Cantelon AS, McKinnell IW, Maddin HC., Dev Dyn. August 1, 2022; 251 (8): 1340-1356.          

Synthesis of New GABAA Receptor Modulator with Pyrazolo[1,5-a]quinazoline (PQ) Scaffold., Guerrini G, Vergelli C, Cantini N, Giovannoni MP, Daniele S, Mascia MP, Martini C, Crocetti L., Int J Mol Sci. March 21, 2019; 20 (6):                 

Neural crest specification by Prohibitin1 depends on transcriptional regulation of prl3 and vangl1., Deichmann C, Link M, Seyfang M, Knotz V, Gradl D, Wedlich D., Genesis. October 1, 2015; 53 (10): 627-39.                

Early, nonciliary role for microtubule proteins in left-right patterning is conserved across kingdoms., Lobikin M, Wang G, Xu J, Hsieh YW, Chuang CF, Lemire JM, Levin M., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. July 31, 2012; 109 (31): 12586-91.                    

Characterization and expression analysis of prohibitin in the testis of Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis., Mao H, Wang DH, Zhou H, Yang WX., Mol Biol Rep. June 1, 2012; 39 (6): 7031-9.

Gene expression profiles of prohibitin in testes of Octopus tankahkeei (ot-phb) revealing its possible role during spermiogenesis., Mao HT, Wang DH, Lan Z, Zhou H, Yang WX., Mol Biol Rep. May 1, 2012; 39 (5): 5519-28.

Prohibitin1 acts as a neural crest specifier in Xenopus development by repressing the transcription factor E2F1., Schneider M, Schambony A, Wedlich D., Development. December 1, 2010; 137 (23): 4073-81.                        

MEC-2 and MEC-6 in the Caenorhabditis elegans sensory mechanotransduction complex: auxiliary subunits that enable channel activity., Brown AL, Liao Z, Goodman MB., J Gen Physiol. June 1, 2008; 131 (6): 605-16.            

Protein components of mitochondrial DNA nucleoids in higher eukaryotes., Bogenhagen DF, Wang Y, Shen EL, Kobayashi R., Mol Cell Proteomics. November 1, 2003; 2 (11): 1205-16.

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