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Functional analysis of a triplet deletion in the gene encoding the sodium glucose transporter 3, a potential risk factor for ADHD., Schäfer N, Friedrich M, Jørgensen ME, Kollert S, Koepsell H, Wischmeyer E, Lesch KP, Geiger D, Döring F., PLoS One. October 4, 2018; 13 (10): e0205109.                

Effects of trimethoprim-sulfadiazine and detomidine on the function of equine Kv 11.1 channels in a two-electrode voltage-clamp (TEVC) oocyte model., Trachsel DS, Tejada MA, Groesfjeld Christensen V, Pedersen PJ, Kanters JK, Buhl R, Calloe K, Klaerke DA., J Vet Pharmacol Ther. August 1, 2018; 41 (4): 536-545.

The amino acid transporter asc-1 is not involved in cystinuria., Pineda M, Font M, Bassi MT, Manzoni M, Borsani G, Marigo V, Fernández E, Río RM, Purroy J, Zorzano A, Nunes V, Palacín M., Kidney Int. October 1, 2004; 66 (4): 1453-64.

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