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Resection of DNA double-strand breaks activates Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1- and Rad9-Hus1-Rad1-dependent mechanisms that redundantly promote ATR checkpoint activation and end processing in Xenopus egg extracts., Tatsukawa K, Sakamoto R, Kawasoe Y, Kubota Y, Tsurimoto T, Takahashi TS, Ohashi E., Nucleic Acids Res. April 12, 2024; 52 (6): 3146-3163.                  

Profiling ubiquitin signalling with UBIMAX reveals DNA damage- and SCFβ-Trcp1-dependent ubiquitylation of the actin-organizing protein Dbn1., Colding-Christensen CS, Kakulidis ES, Arroyo-Gomez J, Hendriks IA, Arkinson C, Fábián Z, Gambus A, Mailand N, Duxin JP, Nielsen ML., Nat Commun. December 14, 2023; 14 (1): 8293.        

MRN-dependent and independent pathways for recruitment of TOPBP1 to DNA double-strand breaks., Montales K, Ruis K, Lindsay H, Michael WM., PLoS One. August 2, 2022; 17 (8): e0271905.                

The p97 segregase cofactor Ubxn7 facilitates replisome disassembly during S-phase., Tarcan Z, Poovathumkadavil D, Skagia A, Gambus A., J Biol Chem. August 1, 2022; 298 (8): 102234.                          

Revisiting the Role of Ser982 Phosphorylation in Stoichiometry Shift of the Electrogenic Na+/qHCO3- Cotransporter NBCe1., Alsufayan TA, Myers EJ, Quade BN, Brady CT, Marshall A, Haque N, Duffey ME, Parker MD., Int J Mol Sci. November 26, 2021; 22 (23):                         

Small-molecule probe reveals a kinase cascade that links stress signaling to TCF/LEF and Wnt responsiveness., Cheng J, Tsuda M, Okolotowicz K, Dwyer M, Bushway PJ, Colas AR, Lancman JJ, Schade D, Perea-Gil I, Bruyneel AAN, Lee J, Vadgama N, Quach J, McKeithan WL, Biechele TL, Wu JC, Moon RT, Si Dong PD, Karakikes I, Cashman JR, Mercola M., Cell Chem Biol. May 20, 2021; 28 (5): 625-635.e5.

Structure-function analysis of TOPBP1's role in ATR signaling using the DSB-mediated ATR activation in Xenopus egg extracts (DMAX) system., Montales K, Kim A, Ruis K, Michael WM., Sci Rep. January 11, 2021; 11 (1): 467.                

Nocodazole-Induced Expression and Phosphorylation of Anillin and Other Mitotic Proteins Are Decreased in DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase Catalytic Subunit-Deficient Cells and Rescued by Inhibition of the Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome with proTAME but Not Apcin., Douglas P, Ye R, Radhamani S, Cobban A, Jenkins NP, Bartlett E, Roveredo J, Kettenbach AN, Lees-Miller SP., Mol Cell Biol. June 15, 2020; 40 (13):                   

How do cells sense DNA lesions?, Colombo CV, Gnugnoli M, Gobbini E, Longhese MP., Biochem Soc Trans. April 29, 2020; 48 (2): 677-691.

Kinesin Kif2C in regulation of DNA double strand break dynamics and repair., Zhu S, Paydar M, Wang F, Li Y, Wang L, Barrette B, Bessho T, Kwok BH, Peng A., Elife. January 17, 2020; 9                                                         

Claspin - checkpoint adaptor and DNA replication factor., Smits VAJ, Cabrera E, Freire R, Gillespie DA., FEBS J. February 1, 2019; 286 (3): 441-455.

Isolation and Characterization of Adipose Tissue Macrophages., Ampem G, Röszer T., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2019; 1966 225-236.

APE2 promotes DNA damage response pathway from a single-strand break., Lin Y, Bai L, Cupello S, Hossain MA, Deem B, McLeod M, Raj J, Yan S., Nucleic Acids Res. March 16, 2018; 46 (5): 2479-2494.                

Phosphorylation Dynamics Dominate the Regulated Proteome during Early Xenopus Development., Peuchen EH, Cox OF, Sun L, Hebert AS, Coon JJ, Champion MM, Dovichi NJ, Huber PW., Sci Rep. November 15, 2017; 7 (1): 15647.                          

Protein phosphatase 1 and phosphatase 1 nuclear targeting subunit-dependent regulation of DNA-dependent protein kinase and non-homologous end joining., Zhu S, Fisher LA, Bessho T, Peng A., Nucleic Acids Res. October 13, 2017; 45 (18): 10583-10594.            

Adipose tissue macrophages develop from bone marrow-independent progenitors in Xenopus laevis and mouse., Hassnain Waqas SF, Noble A, Hoang AC, Ampem G, Popp M, Strauß S, Guille M, Röszer T., J Leukoc Biol. September 1, 2017; 102 (3): 845-855.          

Cip29 is phosphorylated following activation of the DNA damage response in Xenopus egg extracts., Holden J, Taylor EM, Lindsay HD., PLoS One. July 10, 2017; 12 (7): e0181131.            

SCAI promotes DNA double-strand break repair in distinct chromosomal contexts., Hansen RK, Mund A, Poulsen SL, Sandoval M, Klement K, Tsouroula K, Tollenaere MA, Räschle M, Soria R, Offermanns S, Worzfeld T, Grosse R, Brandt DT, Rozell B, Mann M, Cole F, Soutoglou E, Goodarzi AA, Daniel JA, Mailand N, Bekker-Jensen S., Nat Cell Biol. December 1, 2016; 18 (12): 1357-1366.

Xenopus Mcm10 is a CDK-substrate required for replication fork stability., Chadha GS, Gambus A, Gillespie PJ, Blow JJ., Cell Cycle. August 17, 2016; 15 (16): 2183-2195.            

Non-homologous end joining repair in Xenopus egg extract., Zhu S, Peng A., Sci Rep. June 21, 2016; 6 27797.            

Notch is a direct negative regulator of the DNA-damage response., Vermezovic J, Adamowicz M, Santarpia L, Rustighi A, Forcato M, Lucano C, Massimiliano L, Costanzo V, Bicciato S, Del Sal G, d'Adda di Fagagna F., Nat Struct Mol Biol. May 1, 2015; 22 (5): 417-24.

BRCA1 and CtIP promote alternative non-homologous end-joining at uncapped telomeres., Badie S, Carlos AR, Folio C, Okamoto K, Bouwman P, Jonkers J, Tarsounas M., EMBO J. February 3, 2015; 34 (3): 410-24.              

Intrinsic mitochondrial DNA repair defects in Ataxia Telangiectasia., Sharma NK, Lebedeva M, Thomas T, Kovalenko OA, Stumpf JD, Shadel GS, Santos JH., DNA Repair (Amst). January 1, 2014; 13 22-31.

Suppression of DNA-damage checkpoint signaling by Rsk-mediated phosphorylation of Mre11., Chen C, Zhang L, Huang NJ, Huang B, Kornbluth S., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. December 17, 2013; 110 (51): 20605-10.

Repeating pattern of non-RVD variations in DNA-binding modules enhances TALEN activity., Sakuma T, Ochiai H, Kaneko T, Mashimo T, Tokumasu D, Sakane Y, Suzuki K, Miyamoto T, Sakamoto N, Matsuura S, Yamamoto T., Sci Rep. November 29, 2013; 3 3379.                    

APE2 is required for ATR-Chk1 checkpoint activation in response to oxidative stress., Willis J, Patel Y, Lentz BL, Yan S., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. June 25, 2013; 110 (26): 10592-7.

The Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1 (MRN) complex has a specific role in the activation of Chk1 in response to stalled replication forks., Lee J, Dunphy WG., Mol Biol Cell. May 1, 2013; 24 (9): 1343-53.          

A role for the MRN complex in ATR activation via TOPBP1 recruitment., Duursma AM, Driscoll R, Elias JE, Cimprich KA., Mol Cell. April 11, 2013; 50 (1): 116-22.

Islet1-expressing cardiac progenitor cells: a comparison across species., Pandur P, Sirbu IO, Kühl SJ, Philipp M, Kühl M., Dev Genes Evol. March 1, 2013; 223 (1-2): 117-29.          

Activation of DSB processing requires phosphorylation of CtIP by ATR., Peterson SE, Li Y, Wu-Baer F, Chait BT, Baer R, Yan H, Gottesman ME, Gautier J., Mol Cell. February 21, 2013; 49 (4): 657-67.

SUMO2/3 modification of cyclin E contributes to the control of replication origin firing., Bonne-Andrea C, Kahli M, Mechali F, Lemaitre JM, Bossis G, Coux O., Nat Commun. January 1, 2013; 4 1850.        

Targeting protein for xenopus kinesin-like protein 2 (TPX2) regulates γ-histone 2AX (γ-H2AX) levels upon ionizing radiation., Neumayer G, Helfricht A, Shim SY, Le HT, Lundin C, Belzil C, Chansard M, Yu Y, Lees-Miller SP, Gruss OJ, van Attikum H, Helleday T, Nguyen MD., J Biol Chem. December 7, 2012; 287 (50): 42206-22.

Drosophila Claspin is required for the G2 arrest that is induced by DNA replication stress but not by DNA double-strand breaks., Lee EM, Trinh TT, Shim HJ, Park SY, Nguyen TT, Kim MJ, Song YH., DNA Repair (Amst). September 1, 2012; 11 (9): 741-52.

Fanconi anemia proteins FANCD2 and FANCI exhibit different DNA damage responses during S-phase., Sareen A, Chaudhury I, Adams N, Sobeck A., Nucleic Acids Res. September 1, 2012; 40 (17): 8425-39.          

Role for Rif1 in the checkpoint response to damaged DNA in Xenopus egg extracts., Kumar S, Yoo HY, Kumagai A, Shevchenko A, Shevchenko A, Dunphy WG., Cell Cycle. March 15, 2012; 11 (6): 1183-94.

Essential roles of Xenopus TRF2 in telomere end protection and replication., Muraki K, Nabetani A, Nishiyama A, Ishikawa F., Genes Cells. June 1, 2011; 16 (6): 728-39.

Replication-fork stalling and processing at a single psoralen interstrand crosslink in Xenopus egg extracts., Le Breton C, Hennion M, Arimondo PB, Hyrien O., PLoS One. April 15, 2011; 6 (4): e18554.          

ATM activates the pentose phosphate pathway promoting anti-oxidant defence and DNA repair., Cosentino C, Grieco D, Costanzo V., EMBO J. February 2, 2011; 30 (3): 546-55.              

A new in vitro system for activating the cell cycle checkpoint., Wang J, Engle S, Zhang Y, Zhang Y., Cell Cycle. February 1, 2011; 10 (3): 500-6.

CtIP interacts with TopBP1 and Nbs1 in the response to double-stranded DNA breaks (DSBs) in Xenopus egg extracts., Ramírez-Lugo JS, Yoo HY, Yoon SJ, Dunphy WG., Cell Cycle. February 1, 2011; 10 (3): 469-80.

Molecular cloning and expression of Aven gene in chicken., Vezyri E, Mikrou A, Athanassiadou A, Zarkadis IK., Protein J. January 1, 2011; 30 (1): 72-6.

A novel role for greatwall kinase in recovery from DNA damage., Peng A, Yamamoto TM, Goldberg ML, Maller JL., Cell Cycle. November 1, 2010; 9 (21): 4364-9.

Regulation of the ATM-activator protein Aven by CRM1-dependent nuclear export., Esmaili AM, Johnson EL, Thaivalappil SS, Kuhn HM, Kornbluth S, Irusta PM., Cell Cycle. October 1, 2010; 9 (19): 3913-20.

Deregulated Cdc6 inhibits DNA replication and suppresses Cdc7-mediated phosphorylation of Mcm2-7 complex., Kundu LR, Kumata Y, Kakusho N, Watanabe S, Furukohri A, Waga S, Seki M, Masai H, Enomoto T, Tada S., Nucleic Acids Res. September 1, 2010; 38 (16): 5409-18.              

Tel1/ETV6 specifies blood stem cells through the agency of VEGF signaling., Ciau-Uitz A, Pinheiro P, Gupta R, Enver T, Patient R., Dev Cell. April 20, 2010; 18 (4): 569-78.                

Xenopus DNA2 is a helicase/nuclease that is found in complexes with replication proteins And-1/Ctf4 and Mcm10 and DSB response proteins Nbs1 and ATM., Wawrousek KE, Fortini BK, Polaczek P, Chen L, Liu Q, Dunphy WG, Campbell JL., Cell Cycle. March 15, 2010; 9 (6): 1156-66.

Repo-man controls a protein phosphatase 1-dependent threshold for DNA damage checkpoint activation., Peng A, Lewellyn AL, Schiemann WP, Maller JL., Curr Biol. March 9, 2010; 20 (5): 387-96.

Inhibition of human alpha4beta2 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by volatile aromatic anesthetics depends on drug hydrophobicity., Solt K, Kelly EW, Cotten JF, Raines DE., Anesth Analg. February 1, 2010; 110 (2): 455-60.

Monoketone analogs of curcumin, a new class of Fanconi anemia pathway inhibitors., Landais I, Hiddingh S, McCarroll M, Yang C, Sun A, Turker MS, Snyder JP, Hoatlin ME., Mol Cancer. December 31, 2009; 8 133.                

CtIP links DNA double-strand break sensing to resection., You Z, Shi LZ, Zhu Q, Wu P, Zhang YW, Basilio A, Tonnu N, Verma IM, Berns MW, Hunter T., Mol Cell. December 25, 2009; 36 (6): 954-69.

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