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Common features of cartilage maturation are not conserved in an amphibian model., Nguyen JKB, Gómez-Picos P, Liu Y, Ovens K, Eames BF., Dev Dyn. April 21, 2023;                 

Identification of Transient Receptor Potential Channel 4-Associated Protein as a Novel Candidate Gene Causing Congenital Primary Hypothyroidism., Choukair D, Eberle B, Vick P, Hermanns P, Weiss B, Paramasivam N, Schlesner M, Lornsen K, Roeth R, Klutmann C, Kreis J, Hoffmann GF, Pohlenz J, Rappold GA, Bettendorf M., Horm Res Paediatr. January 1, 2020; 93 (1): 16-29.

Developmental neurogenesis in mouse and Xenopus is impaired in the absence of Nosip., Hoffmeister M, Krieg J, Ehrke A, Seigfried FA, Wischmann L, Dietmann P, Kühl SJ, Oess S., Dev Biol. September 1, 2017; 429 (1): 200-212.                  

Development and characterization of Xl1, a Xenopus laevis chondrocyte-like cell culture., Conceição N, Viegas M, Fidalgo J, Cancela ML., Mol Cell Biochem. January 1, 2013; 373 (1-2): 41-51.

Molecular dynamics simulations of the Cx26 hemichannel: evaluation of structural models with Brownian dynamics., Kwon T, Harris AL, Rossi A, Bargiello TA., J Gen Physiol. November 1, 2011; 138 (5): 475-93.            

Dual transcriptional regulation by runx2 of matrix Gla protein in Xenopus laevis., Fazenda C, Simões B, Kelsh RN, Cancela ML, Conceição N., Gene. January 15, 2010; 450 (1-2): 94-102.

Two families of Xenopus tropicalis skeletal genes display well-conserved expression patterns with mammals in spite of their highly divergent regulatory regions., Espinoza J, Sanchez M, Sanchez A, Hanna P, Torrejon M, Buisine N, Sachs L, Marcellini S., Evol Dev. January 1, 2010; 12 (6): 541-51.

Retinoic acid is a negative regulator of matrix Gla protein gene expression in teleost fish Sparus aurata., Conceição N, Laizé V, Simões B, Pombinho AR, Cancela ML., Biochim Biophys Acta. January 1, 2008; 1779 (1): 28-39.

Cloning of matrix Gla protein in a marine cartilaginous fish, Prionace glauca: preferential protein accumulation in skeletal and vascular systems., Ortiz-Delgado JB, Simes DC, Viegas CS, Schaff BJ, Sarasquete C, Cancela ML., Histochem Cell Biol. July 1, 2006; 126 (1): 89-101.

Rapid divergency of rodent CD99 orthologs: implications for the evolution of the pseudoautosomal region., Park SH, Shin YK, Suh YH, Park WS, Ban YL, Choi HS, Park HJ, Jung KC., Gene. July 4, 2005; 353 (2): 177-88.      

Identification of alternative promoter usage for the matrix Gla protein gene. Evidence for differential expression during early development in Xenopus laevis., Conceição N, Silva AC, Fidalgo J, Belo JA, Cancela ML., FEBS J. March 1, 2005; 272 (6): 1501-10.

Characterization of osteocalcin (BGP) and matrix Gla protein (MGP) fish specific antibodies: validation for immunodetection studies in lower vertebrates., Simes DC, Williamson MK, Schaff BJ, Gavaia PJ, Ingleton PM, Price PA, Cancela ML., Calcif Tissue Int. February 1, 2004; 74 (2): 170-80.

Purification of matrix Gla protein from a marine teleost fish, Argyrosomus regius: calcified cartilage and not bone as the primary site of MGP accumulation in fish., Simes DC, Williamson MK, Ortiz-Delgado JB, Viegas CS, Price PA, Cancela ML., J Bone Miner Res. February 1, 2003; 18 (2): 244-59.

Molecular cloning of the Matrix Gla Protein gene from Xenopus laevis. Functional analysis of the promoter identifies a calcium sensitive region required for basal activity., Conceição N, Henriques NM, Ohresser MC, Hublitz P, Schüle R, Cancela ML., Eur J Biochem. April 1, 2002; 269 (7): 1947-56.

Matrix Gla protein in Xenopus laevis: molecular cloning, tissue distribution, and evolutionary considerations., Cancela ML, Ohresser MC, Reia JP, Viegas CS, Williamson MK, Price PA., J Bone Miner Res. September 1, 2001; 16 (9): 1611-21.  

Amino-acid sequence of bone Gla protein from the African clawed toad Xenopus laevis and the fish Sparus aurata., Cancela ML, Williamson MK, Price PA., Int J Pept Protein Res. November 1, 1995; 46 (5): 419-23.

The genes for the frog skin peptides GLa, xenopsin, levitide and caerulein contain a homologous export exon encoding a signal sequence and part of an amphiphilic peptide., Kuchler K, Kreil G, Sures I., Eur J Biochem. February 1, 1989; 179 (2): 281-5.

Import of frog prepropeptide GLa into microsomes requires ATP but does not involve docking protein or ribosomes., Schlenstedt G, Zimmermann R., EMBO J. March 1, 1987; 6 (3): 699-703.

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