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PEX5 translocation into and out of peroxisomes drives matrix protein import., Skowyra ML, Rapoport TA., Mol Cell. September 1, 2022; 82 (17): 3209-3225.e7.                              

ZC3HC1 Is a Novel Inherent Component of the Nuclear Basket, Resident in a State of Reciprocal Dependence with TPR., Gunkel P, Iino H, Krull S, Cordes VC., Cells. July 30, 2021; 10 (8):               

Endoplasmic reticulum transmembrane protein TMTC3 contributes to O-mannosylation of E-cadherin, cellular adherence, and embryonic gastrulation., Graham JB, Sunryd JC, Mathavan K, Weir E, Larsen ISB, Halim A, Clausen H, Cousin H, Alfandari D, Alfandari D, Hebert DN., Mol Biol Cell. February 1, 2020; 31 (3): 167-183.                                      

Conservation and divergence of protein pathways in the vertebrate heart., Federspiel JD, Tandon P, Wilczewski CM, Wasson L, Herring LE, Venkatesh SS, Cristea IM, Conlon FL., PLoS Biol. September 6, 2019; 17 (9): e3000437.                                                    

APC/C: current understanding and future perspectives., Yamano H., F1000Res. January 1, 2019; 8         

Atomic-Resolution Structures of the APC/C Subunits Apc4 and the Apc5 N-Terminal Domain., Cronin NB, Yang J, Zhang Z, Zhang Z, Kulkarni K, Chang L, Yamano H, Barford D., J Mol Biol. October 9, 2015; 427 (20): 3300-3315.                

Prediction of Functionally Important Phospho-Regulatory Events in Xenopus laevis Oocytes., Johnson JR, Santos SD, Johnson T, Pieper U, Strumillo M, Wagih O, Sali A, Krogan NJ, Beltrao P., PLoS Comput Biol. August 27, 2015; 11 (8): e1004362.                            

Selective nuclear export of specific classes of mRNA from mammalian nuclei is promoted by GANP., Wickramasinghe VO, Andrews R, Ellis P, Langford C, Gurdon JB, Stewart M, Venkitaraman AR, Laskey RA., Nucleic Acids Res. April 1, 2014; 42 (8): 5059-71.            

Binding of the auxiliary subunit TRIP8b to HCN channels shifts the mode of action of cAMP., Hu L, Santoro B, Saponaro A, Liu H, Moroni A, Siegelbaum S., J Gen Physiol. December 1, 2013; 142 (6): 599-612.                  

Karyopherin binding interactions and nuclear import mechanism of nuclear pore complex protein Tpr., Ben-Efraim I, Frosst PD, Gerace L., BMC Cell Biol. October 16, 2009; 10 74.            

Structural insights into mechanism and specificity of O-GlcNAc transferase., Clarke AJ, Hurtado-Guerrero R, Pathak S, Schüttelkopf AW, Borodkin V, Shepherd SM, Ibrahim AF, van Aalten DM., EMBO J. October 22, 2008; 27 (20): 2780-8.        

A NASP (N1/N2)-related protein, Sim3, binds CENP-A and is required for its deposition at fission yeast centromeres., Dunleavy EM, Pidoux AL, Monet M, Bonilla C, Richardson W, Hamilton GL, Ekwall K, McLaughlin PJ, Allshire RC., Mol Cell. December 28, 2007; 28 (6): 1029-44.              

Gab1 is required for cell cycle transition, cell proliferation, and transformation induced by an oncogenic met receptor., Mood K, Saucier C, Bong YS, Lee HS, Park M, Daar IO., Mol Biol Cell. September 1, 2006; 17 (9): 3717-28.

Oncogenic Met receptor induces ectopic structures in Xenopus embryos., Ishimura A, Lee HS, Bong YS, Saucier C, Mood K, Park EK, Daar IO., Oncogene. July 20, 2006; 25 (31): 4286-99.

Modulation of basal and receptor-induced GIRK potassium channel activity and neuronal excitability by the mammalian PINS homolog LGN., Wiser O, Qian X, Ehlers M, Ja WW, Roberts RW, Reuveny E, Jan YN, Jan LY., Neuron. May 18, 2006; 50 (4): 561-73.

Oncogenic Met receptor induces cell-cycle progression in Xenopus oocytes independent of direct Grb2 and Shc binding or Mos synthesis, but requires phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and Raf signaling., Mood K, Saucier C, Ishimura A, Bong YS, Lee HS, Park M, Daar IO., J Cell Physiol. April 1, 2006; 207 (1): 271-85.

Regulation of HCN channel surface expression by a novel C-terminal protein-protein interaction., Santoro B, Wainger BJ, Siegelbaum SA., J Neurosci. November 24, 2004; 24 (47): 10750-62.

GBP binds kinesin light chain and translocates during cortical rotation in Xenopus eggs., Weaver C, Farr GH, Pan W, Rowning BA, Wang J, Mao J, Wu D, Li L, Larabell CA, Kimelman D., Development. November 1, 2003; 130 (22): 5425-36.              

The cytoplasmic filaments of the nuclear pore complex are dispensable for selective nuclear protein import., Walther TC, Pickersgill HS, Cordes VC, Goldberg MW, Allen TD, Mattaj IW, Fornerod M., J Cell Biol. July 8, 2002; 158 (1): 63-77.              

A novel Xenopus acetyltransferase with a dynamic expression in early development., Choi SC, Chang JY, Han JK., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. August 3, 2001; 285 (5): 1338-43.            

The C. elegans homolog of the murine cystic kidney disease gene Tg737 functions in a ciliogenic pathway and is disrupted in osm-5 mutant worms., Haycraft CJ, Swoboda P, Taulman PD, Thomas JH, Yoder BK., Development. May 1, 2001; 128 (9): 1493-505.

Molecular segments of protein Tpr that confer nuclear targeting and association with the nuclear pore complex., Cordes VC, Hase ME, Müller L., Exp Cell Res. November 25, 1998; 245 (1): 43-56.

Major binding sites for the nuclear import receptor are the internal nucleoporin Nup153 and the adjacent nuclear filament protein Tpr., Shah S, Tugendreich S, Forbes D., J Cell Biol. April 6, 1998; 141 (1): 31-49.                    

Identification of protein p270/Tpr as a constitutive component of the nuclear pore complex-attached intranuclear filaments., Cordes VC, Reidenbach S, Rackwitz HR, Franke WW., J Cell Biol. February 10, 1997; 136 (3): 515-29.                  

TPR proteins required for anaphase progression mediate ubiquitination of mitotic B-type cyclins in yeast., Zachariae W, Nasmyth K., Mol Biol Cell. May 1, 1996; 7 (5): 791-801.

Frontier questions about sister chromatid separation in anaphase., Yanagida M., Bioessays. June 1, 1995; 17 (6): 519-26.

Requirement for Raf and MAP kinase function during the meiotic maturation of Xenopus oocytes., Fabian JR, Morrison DK, Daar IO., J Cell Biol. August 1, 1993; 122 (3): 645-52.

tpr-met oncogene product induces maturation-producing factor activation in Xenopus oocytes., Daar IO, White GA, Schuh SM, Ferris DK, Vande Woude GF., Mol Cell Biol. December 1, 1991; 11 (12): 5985-91.

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