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Upregulation of proto-oncogene ski by thyroid hormone in the intestine and tail during Xenopus metamorphosis., Fu L, Liu R, Ma V, Shi YB, Shi YB., Gen Comp Endocrinol. November 1, 2022; 328 114102.        

Acute multidrug delivery via a wearable bioreactor facilitates long-term limb regeneration and functional recovery in adult Xenopus laevis., Murugan NJ, Vigran HJ, Miller KA, Golding A, Pham QL, Sperry MM, Rasmussen-Ivey C, Kane AW, Kaplan DL, Levin M., Sci Adv. January 28, 2022; 8 (4): eabj2164.            

Uroplakins play conserved roles in egg fertilization and acquired additional urothelial functions during mammalian divergence., Liao Y, Chang HC, Liang FX, Chung PJ, Wei Y, Nguyen TP, Zhou G, Talebian S, Krey LC, Deng FM, Wong TW, Chicote JU, Grifo JA, Keefe DL, Shapiro E, Lepor H, Wu XR, DeSalle R, Garcia-España A, Kim SY, Sun TT., Mol Biol Cell. December 15, 2018; 29 (26): 3128-3143.                  

Genome-wide identification of thyroid hormone receptor targets in the remodeling intestine during Xenopus tropicalis metamorphosis., Fu L, Das B, Matsuura K, Fujimoto K, Heimeier RA, Shi YB, Shi YB., Sci Rep. July 25, 2017; 7 (1): 6414.            

Expression of Ski can act as a negative feedback mechanism on retinoic acid signaling., Melling MA, Friendship CR, Shepherd TG, Drysdale TA., Dev Dyn. June 1, 2013; 242 (6): 604-13.                      

SNW1 is a critical regulator of spatial BMP activity, neural plate border formation, and neural crest specification in vertebrate embryos., Wu MY, Ramel MC, Howell M, Hill CS., PLoS Biol. February 15, 2011; 9 (2): e1000593.                              

Neural induction requires continued suppression of both Smad1 and Smad2 signals during gastrulation., Chang C, Harland RM., Development. November 1, 2007; 134 (21): 3861-72.                

Evolution of Na,K-ATPase beta m-subunit into a coregulator of transcription in placental mammals., Pestov NB, Ahmad N, Korneenko TV, Zhao H, Radkov R, Schaer D, Roy S, Bibert S, Geering K, Modyanov NN., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. July 3, 2007; 104 (27): 11215-20.

Function of the two Xenopus smad4s in early frog development., Chang C, Brivanlou AH, Harland RM., J Biol Chem. October 13, 2006; 281 (41): 30794-803.                

Expression of a novel Ski-like gene in Xenopus development., Seufert DW, Hegde RS, Nekkalapudi S, Kelly LE, El-Hodiri HM., Gene Expr Patterns. December 1, 2005; 6 (1): 22-8.    

Control of cell cycle-dependent degradation of c-Ski proto-oncoprotein by Cdc34., Macdonald M, Wan Y, Wang W, Roberts E, Cheung TH, Erickson R, Knuesel MT, Liu X., Oncogene. July 22, 2004; 23 (33): 5643-53.

Interaction with Smad4 is indispensable for suppression of BMP signaling by c-Ski., Takeda M, Mizuide M, Oka M, Watabe T, Inoue H, Suzuki H, Fujita T, Imamura T, Miyazono K, Miyazawa K., Mol Biol Cell. March 1, 2004; 15 (3): 963-72.                

Negative regulation of BMP signaling by the ski oncoprotein., Luo K., J Bone Joint Surg Am. January 1, 2003; 85-A Suppl 3 39-43.

Ski represses bone morphogenic protein signaling in Xenopus and mammalian cells., Wang W, Mariani FV, Harland RM, Luo K., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. December 19, 2000; 97 (26): 14394-9.          

Two distinct c-ski cDNAs of fish, tilapia (Oreochromis aurea)., Huang CJ, Lin JY, Tsai HJ., Mol Reprod Dev. November 1, 1999; 54 (3): 223-31.

Autonomous neural axis formation by ectopic expression of the protooncogene c-ski., Amaravadi LS, Neff AW, Sleeman JP, Smith RC., Dev Biol. December 15, 1997; 192 (2): 392-404.              

Cloning and expression of the axolotl proto-oncogene ski., Ludolph DC, Neff AW, Parker MA, Mescher AL, Smith RC, Malacinski GM., Biochim Biophys Acta. January 2, 1995; 1260 (1): 102-4.

Xenopus c-ski contains a novel coiled-coil protein domain, and is maternally expressed during development., Sleeman JP, Laskey RA., Oncogene. January 1, 1993; 8 (1): 67-77.

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