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Post-infection treatment with the E protein inhibitor BIT225 reduces disease severity and increases survival of K18-hACE2 transgenic mice infected with a lethal dose of SARS-CoV-2., Ewart G, Bobardt M, Bentzen BH, Yan Y, Thomson A, Klumpp K, Becker S, Rosenkilde MM, Miller M, Gallay P., PLoS Pathog. August 1, 2023; 19 (8): e1011328.                          

KCND2 variants associated with global developmental delay differentially impair Kv4.2 channel gating., Zhang Y, Tachtsidis G, Schob C, Koko M, Hedrich UBS, Lerche H, Lemke JR, van Haeringen A, Ruivenkamp C, Prescott T, Tveten K, Gerstner T, Pruniski B, DiTroia S, VanNoy GE, Rehm HL, McLaughlin H, Bolz HJ, Zechner U, Bryant E, McDonough T, Kindler S, Bähring R., Hum Mol Genet. November 16, 2021; 30 (23): 2300-2314.

KChIP2 genotype dependence of transient outward current (Ito) properties in cardiomyocytes isolated from male and female mice., Waldschmidt L, Junkereit V, Bähring R., PLoS One. January 3, 2017; 12 (1): e0171213.                

β Subunits Functionally Differentiate Human Kv4.3 Potassium Channel Splice Variants., Abbott GW., Front Physiol. January 1, 2017; 8 66.                  

Regulation of human cardiac potassium channels by full-length KCNE3 and KCNE4., Abbott GW., Sci Rep. December 6, 2016; 6 38412.              

Kcnip1 a Ca²⁺-dependent transcriptional repressor regulates the size of the neural plate in Xenopus., Néant I, Mellström B, Gonzalez P, Naranjo JR, Moreau M, Leclerc C., Biochim Biophys Acta. September 1, 2015; 1853 (9): 2077-85.  

The "structurally minimal" isoform KChIP2d modulates recovery of K(v)4.3 N-terminal deletion mutant Δ2-39., Hovind LJ, Campbell DL., Channels (Austin). January 1, 2011; 5 (3): 225-7.

K(V)4.3 N-terminal deletion mutant Δ2-39: effects on inactivation and recovery characteristics in both the absence and presence of KChIP2b., Hovind LJ, Skerritt MR, Campbell DL., Channels (Austin). January 1, 2011; 5 (1): 43-55.

Effect of the I(to) activator NS5806 on cloned K(V)4 channels depends on the accessory protein KChIP2., Lundby A, Jespersen T, Schmitt N, Grunnet M, Olesen SP, Cordeiro JM, Calloe K., Br J Pharmacol. August 1, 2010; 160 (8): 2028-44.

Differential effects of the transient outward K(+) current activator NS5806 in the canine left ventricle., Calloe K, Soltysinska E, Jespersen T, Lundby A, Antzelevitch C, Olesen SP, Cordeiro JM., J Mol Cell Cardiol. January 1, 2010; 48 (1): 191-200.

Dynamic coupling of voltage sensor and gate involved in closed-state inactivation of kv4.2 channels., Barghaan J, Bähring R., J Gen Physiol. February 1, 2009; 133 (2): 205-24.                    

Interaction of syntaxin 1A with the N-terminus of Kv4.2 modulates channel surface expression and gating., Yamakawa T, Saith S, Li Y, Gao X, Gaisano HY, Tsushima RG., Biochemistry. September 25, 2007; 46 (38): 10942-9.

Molecular and functional characterization of Kv4.2 and KChIP2 expressed in the porcine left ventricle., Schultz JH, Volk T, Bassalaý P, Hennings JC, Hübner CA, Ehmke H., Pflugers Arch. May 1, 2007; 454 (2): 195-207.

Diminished Kv4.2/3 but not KChIP2 levels reduce the cardiac transient outward K+ current in spontaneously hypertensive rats., Goltz D, Schultz JH, Stucke C, Wagner M, Bassalaý P, Schwoerer AP, Ehmke H, Volk T., Cardiovasc Res. April 1, 2007; 74 (1): 85-95.

Regulation of Kv4.3 closed state inactivation and recovery by extracellular potassium and intracellular KChIP2b., Amadi CC, Brust RD, Skerritt MR, Campbell DL., Channels (Austin). January 1, 2007; 1 (4): 305-14.

KCNE3 is an inhibitory subunit of the Kv4.3 potassium channel., Lundby A, Olesen SP., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. August 4, 2006; 346 (3): 958-67.

Novel KChIP2 isoforms increase functional diversity of transient outward potassium currents., Decher N, Barth AS, Gonzalez T, Steinmeyer K, Sanguinetti MC., J Physiol. June 15, 2004; 557 (Pt 3): 761-72.

Activation properties of Kv4.3 channels: time, voltage and [K+]o dependence., Wang S, Bondarenko VE, Qu Y, Morales MJ, Rasmusson RL, Strauss HC., J Physiol. June 15, 2004; 557 (Pt 3): 705-17.

Regulation of Kv4.3 voltage-dependent gating kinetics by KChIP2 isoforms., Patel SP, Parai R, Parai R, Campbell DL., J Physiol. May 15, 2004; 557 (Pt 1): 19-41.

Ito channels are octomeric complexes with four subunits of each Kv4.2 and K+ channel-interacting protein 2., Kim LA, Furst J, Butler MH, Xu S, Grigorieff N, Goldstein SA., J Biol Chem. February 13, 2004; 279 (7): 5549-54.

Early embryonic expression of ion channels and pumps in chick and Xenopus development., Rutenberg J, Cheng SM, Levin M., Dev Dyn. December 1, 2002; 225 (4): 469-84.                            

Elucidating KChIP effects on Kv4.3 inactivation and recovery kinetics with a minimal KChIP2 isoform., Patel SP, Campbell DL, Strauss HC., J Physiol. November 15, 2002; 545 (1): 5-11.

Heterogeneous expression of KChIP2 isoforms in the ferret heart., Patel SP, Campbell DL, Morales MJ, Strauss HC., J Physiol. March 15, 2002; 539 (Pt 3): 649-56.

Regulation of KChIP2 potassium channel beta subunit gene expression underlies the gradient of transient outward current in canine and human ventricle., Rosati B, Pan Z, Lypen S, Wang HS, Cohen I, Dixon JE, McKinnon D., J Physiol. May 15, 2001; 533 (Pt 1): 119-25.

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