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ccl19 and ccl21 affect cell movements and differentiation in early Xenopus development., Goto T, Michiue T, Shibuya H., Dev Growth Differ. April 1, 2023; 65 (3): 175-189.                

maea affects head formation through ß-catenin degradation during early Xenopus laevis development., Goto T, Shibuya H., Dev Growth Differ. January 1, 2023; 65 (1): 29-36.                  

Metamorphic gene regulation programs in Xenopus tropicalis tadpole brain., Raj S, Sifuentes CJ, Kyono Y, Denver RJ., PLoS One. January 1, 2023; 18 (6): e0287858.                

ccr7 affects both morphogenesis and differentiation during early Xenopus embryogenesis., Goto T, Michiue T, Shibuya H., Dev Growth Differ. June 1, 2022; 64 (5): 254-260.        

Fibroblast dedifferentiation as a determinant of successful regeneration., Lin TY, Gerber T, Taniguchi-Sugiura Y, Murawala P, Hermann S, Grosser L, Shibata E, Treutlein B, Tanaka EM., Dev Cell. May 17, 2021; 56 (10): 1541-1551.e6.                    

Thyroid Hormone Receptor Is Essential for Larval Epithelial Apoptosis and Adult Epithelial Stem Cell Development but Not Adult Intestinal Morphogenesis during Xenopus tropicalis Metamorphosis., Shibata Y, Tanizaki Y, Zhang H, Lee H, Dasso M, Shi YB, Shi YB., Cells. March 3, 2021; 10 (3):                             

Suppression of vascular network formation by chronic hypoxia and prolyl-hydroxylase 2 (phd2) deficiency during vertebrate development., Metikala S, Neuhaus H, Hollemann T., Angiogenesis. April 1, 2016; 19 (2): 119-31.  

Recovery capabilities of Xenopus laevis after exposure to Cadmium and Zinc., Mouchet F, Teaniniuraitemoana V, Baudrimont M, Daffe G, Gauthier L, Gonzalez P., Chemosphere. November 1, 2015; 139 117-25.

A novel role for Celf1 in vegetal RNA localization during Xenopus oogenesis., Bauermeister D, Claußen M, Pieler T., Dev Biol. September 15, 2015; 405 (2): 214-24.            

Developmental role of plk4 in Xenopus laevis and Danio rerio: implications for Seckel Syndrome., Rapchak CE, Patel N, Hudson J, Crawford M., Biochem Cell Biol. August 1, 2015; 93 (4): 396-404.  

Hippo signaling components, Mst1 and Mst2, act as a switch between self-renewal and differentiation in Xenopus hematopoietic and endothelial progenitors., Nejigane S, Takahashi S, Haramoto Y, Michiue T, Asashima M., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2013; 57 (5): 407-14.                      

Xenopus er71 is involved in vascular development., Neuhaus H, Müller F, Hollemann T., Dev Dyn. December 1, 2010; 239 (12): 3436-45.            

Translational repression by the oocyte-specific protein P100 in Xenopus., Nakamura Y, Tanaka KJ, Miyauchi M, Huang L, Tsujimoto M, Matsumoto K., Dev Biol. August 1, 2010; 344 (1): 272-83.    

Chicken beta-globin insulator overcomes variegation of transgenes in Xenopus embryos., Sekkali B, Tran HT, Crabbe E, De Beule C, Van Roy F, Vleminckx K, Vleminckx K., FASEB J. July 1, 2008; 22 (7): 2534-40.

Genomic profiling of mixer and Sox17beta targets during Xenopus endoderm development., Dickinson K, Leonard J, Baker JC., Dev Dyn. February 1, 2006; 235 (2): 368-81.                        

Binding of hnRNP L to the pre-mRNA processing enhancer of the herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene enhances both polyadenylation and nucleocytoplasmic export of intronless mRNAs., Guang S, Felthauser AM, Mertz JE., Mol Cell Biol. August 1, 2005; 25 (15): 6303-13.

An endonuclease activity similar to Xenopus PMR1 catalyzes the degradation of normal and nonsense-containing human beta-globin mRNA in erythroid cells., Bremer KA, Stevens A, Schoenberg DR., RNA. September 1, 2003; 9 (9): 1157-67.

The replication timing program of the Chinese hamster beta-globin locus is established coincident with its repositioning near peripheral heterochromatin in early G1 phase., Li F, Chen J, Izumi M, Butler MC, Keezer SM, Gilbert DM., J Cell Biol. July 23, 2001; 154 (2): 283-92.          

Elucidating the origins of the vascular system: a fate map of the vascular endothelial and red blood cell lineages in Xenopus laevis., Mills KR, Kruep D, Saha MS., Dev Biol. May 15, 1999; 209 (2): 352-68.                

Transposon tools for recombinant DNA manipulation: characterization of transcriptional regulators from yeast, Xenopus, and mouse., Morgan BA, Conlon FL, Manzanares M, Millar JB, Kanuga N, Sharpe J, Krumlauf R, Smith JC, Sedgwick SG., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 2, 1996; 93 (7): 2801-6.

Bone morphogenetic protein 2 in the early development of Xenopus laevis., Clement JH, Fettes P, Knöchel S, Lef J, Knöchel W., Mech Dev. August 1, 1995; 52 (2-3): 357-70.            

A long-lived batch reaction system of cell-free protein synthesis., Kawarasaki Y, Kawai T, Nakano H, Yamane T., Anal Biochem. April 10, 1995; 226 (2): 320-4.

Regulated expression of the beta-globin gene locus in synthetic nuclei., Barton MC, Emerson BM., Genes Dev. October 15, 1994; 8 (20): 2453-65.

Tail-to-tail orientation of the Atlantic salmon alpha- and beta-globin genes., Wagner A, Deryckere F, McMorrow T, Gannon F., J Mol Evol. January 1, 1994; 38 (1): 28-35.

Regulation of expression of a Xenopus borealis embryonic/larval alpha 3 skeletal-actin gene., Boardman M, Cross GS, Jones EA, Woodland HR., Eur J Biochem. September 1, 1992; 208 (2): 241-9.

Inositol monophosphatase is a highly conserved enzyme having localized structural similarity to both glycerol 3-phosphate dehydrogenase and haemoglobin., Wreggett KA., Biochem J. August 15, 1992; 286 ( Pt 1) 147-52.

Expression of adult and tadpole specific globin genes from Xenopus laevis in transgenic mice., Dillon N, Kollias G, Grosveld F, Williams JG., Nucleic Acids Res. November 25, 1991; 19 (22): 6227-30.

Close tetrapod relationships of the coelacanth Latimeria indicated by haemoglobin sequences., Gorr T, Kleinschmidt T, Fricke H., Nature. May 30, 1991; 351 (6325): 394-7.

Tissue-specific trans-activation of the rabbit beta-globin promoter in Xenopus oocytes., Rungger D, Muster L, Boeck R, Nichols A., Differentiation. July 1, 1990; 44 (1): 8-17.

KTF-1, a transcriptional activator of Xenopus embryonic keratin expression., Snape AM, Jonas EA, Sargent TD., Development. May 1, 1990; 109 (1): 157-65.

Estrogen regulation of Xenopus laevis gamma-fibrinogen gene expression., Pastori RL, Moskaitis JE, Smith LH, Schoenberg DR., Biochemistry. March 13, 1990; 29 (10): 2599-605.

Sequence analysis of the upstream regions of Xenopus laevis beta-globin genes and arrangement of repetitive elements within the globin gene clusters., Meyerhof W, Stalder J, Köster M, Wirthmüller U, Knöchel W., Mol Biol Rep. February 1, 1990; 14 (1): 17-26.

Comparative inhibition of rabbit globin mRNA translation by modified antisense oligodeoxynucleotides., Cazenave C, Stein CA, Loreau N, Thuong NT, Neckers LM, Subasinghe C, Hélène C, Cohen JS, Toulmé JJ., Nucleic Acids Res. June 12, 1989; 17 (11): 4255-73.

Role for DNA replication in beta-globin gene activation., Enver T, Brewer AC, Patient RK., Mol Cell Biol. March 1, 1988; 8 (3): 1301-8.

Enzymatic amplification of translation inhibition of rabbit beta-globin mRNA mediated by anti-messenger oligodeoxynucleotides covalently linked to intercalating agents., Cazenave C, Loreau N, Thuong NT, Toulmé JJ, Hélène C., Nucleic Acids Res. June 25, 1987; 15 (12): 4717-36.

An enhancer responsible for activating transcription at the midblastula transition in Xenopus development., Krieg PA, Melton DA., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 1, 1987; 84 (8): 2331-5.

Nucleotide sequence of the delta-beta-globin intergenic segment in the macaque: structure and evolutionary rates in higher primates., Savatier P, Trabuchet G, Chebloune Y, Faure C, Verdier G, Nigon VM., J Mol Evol. January 1, 1987; 24 (4): 297-308.

Tissue-specific expression of actin genes injected into Xenopus embryos., Wilson C, Cross GS, Woodland HR., Cell. November 21, 1986; 47 (4): 589-99.

Anti-messenger oligodeoxynucleotides: specific inhibition of rabbit beta-globin synthesis in wheat germ extracts and Xenopus oocytes., Cazenave C, Loreau N, Toulmé JJ, Hélène C., Biochimie. September 1, 1986; 68 (9): 1063-9.

Heat shock regulatory elements function as an inducible enhancer in the Xenopus hsp70 gene and when linked to a heterologous promoter., Bienz M, Pelham HR., Cell. June 6, 1986; 45 (5): 753-60.

Simian virus 40-mediated cis induction of the Xenopus beta-globin DNase I hypersensitive site., Enver T, Brewer AC, Patient RK., Nature. December 19, 1985; 318 (6047): 680-3.

Comparative nucleotide sequence analysis of two types of larval beta-globin mRNAs of Xenopus laevis., Knöchel W, Meyerhof W, Stalder J, Weber R., Nucleic Acids Res. November 11, 1985; 13 (21): 7899-908.

Developmental changes in the pattern of larval beta-globin gene expression in Xenopus laevis. Identification of two early larval beta-globin mRNA sequences., Banville D, Williams JG., J Mol Biol. August 20, 1985; 184 (4): 611-20.

The pattern of expression of the Xenopus laevis tadpole alpha-globin genes and the amino acid sequence of the three major tadpole alpha-globin polypeptides., Banville D, Williams JG., Nucleic Acids Res. August 12, 1985; 13 (15): 5407-21.

Differential expression of the Xenopus laevis tadpole and adult beta-globin genes when injected into fertilized Xenopus laevis eggs., Bendig MM, Williams JG., Mol Cell Biol. March 1, 1984; 4 (3): 567-70.

Construction of a UGA suppressor tRNA by modification in vitro of yeast tRNACys., Vacher J, Grosjean H, de Henau S, Finelli J, Buckingham RH., Eur J Biochem. January 2, 1984; 138 (1): 77-81.

Replication and expression of Xenopus laevis globin genes injected into fertilized Xenopus eggs., Bendig MM, Williams JG., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. October 1, 1983; 80 (20): 6197-201.

Globin gene expression in Xenopus laevis: anemia induces precocious globin transition and appearance of adult erythroblasts during metamorphosis., Widmer HJ, Hosbach HA, Weber R., Dev Biol. September 1, 1983; 99 (1): 50-60.                

The nucleotide sequence of the mRNA encoding a tadpole beta-globin polypeptide of Xenopus laevis., Banville D, Kay RM, Harris R, Williams JG., J Biol Chem. July 10, 1983; 258 (13): 7924-7.

Human beta-globin pre-mRNA synthesized in vitro is accurately spliced in Xenopus oocyte nuclei., Green MR, Maniatis T, Melton DA., Cell. March 1, 1983; 32 (3): 681-94.

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