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miR-206 is required for changes in cell adhesion that drive muscle cell morphogenesis in Xenopus laevis., Vergara HM, Ramirez J, Rosing T, Nave C, Blandino R, Saw D, Saraf P, Piexoto G, Coombes C, Adams M, Domingo CR., Dev Biol. June 15, 2018; 438 (2): 94-110.                        

Gain-of-function defects of astrocytic Kir4.1 channels in children with autism spectrum disorders and epilepsy., Sicca F, Ambrosini E, Marchese M, Sforna L, Servettini I, Valvo G, Brignone MS, Lanciotti A, Moro F, Grottesi A, Catacuzzeno L, Baldini S, Hasan S, D'Adamo MC, Franciolini F, Molinari P, Santorelli FM, Pessia M., Sci Rep. September 28, 2016; 6 34325.            

The Lhx9-integrin pathway is essential for positioning of the proepicardial organ., Tandon P, Wilczewski CM, Williams CE, Conlon FL., Development. March 1, 2016; 143 (5): 831-40.                                    

BMP signalling controls the construction of vertebrate mucociliary epithelia., Cibois M, Luxardi G, Chevalier B, Thomé V, Mercey O, Zaragosi LE, Barbry P, Pasini A, Marcet B, Kodjabachian L., Development. July 1, 2015; 142 (13): 2352-63.                        

The dystroglycan: nestled in an adhesome during embryonic development., Bello V, Moreau N, Sirour C, Hidalgo M, Buisson N, Darribère T., Dev Biol. May 1, 2015; 401 (1): 132-42.

An adhesome comprising laminin, dystroglycan and myosin IIA is required during notochord development in Xenopus laevis., Buisson N, Sirour C, Moreau N, Denker E, Le Bouffant R, Goullancourt A, Darribère T, Bello V., Development. December 1, 2014; 141 (23): 4569-79.                      

Proteomic analysis of fibroblastema formation in regenerating hind limbs of Xenopus laevis froglets and comparison to axolotl., Rao N, Song F, Jhamb D, Wang M, Milner DJ, Price NM, Belecky-Adams TL, Palakal MJ, Cameron JA, Li B, Chen X, Stocum DL., BMC Dev Biol. July 25, 2014; 14 32.                        

The Role of Sdf-1α signaling in Xenopus laevis somite morphogenesis., Leal MA, Fickel SR, Sabillo A, Ramirez J, Vergara HM, Nave C, Saw D, Domingo CR., Dev Dyn. April 1, 2014; 243 (4): 509-26.                        

Dystroglycan is involved in skin morphogenesis downstream of the Notch signaling pathway., Sirour C, Hidalgo M, Bello V, Buisson N, Darribère T, Moreau N., Mol Biol Cell. August 15, 2011; 22 (16): 2957-69.                      

Skeletal muscle differentiation and fusion are regulated by the BAR-containing Rho-GTPase-activating protein (Rho-GAP), GRAF1., Doherty JT, Lenhart KC, Cameron MV, Mack CP, Conlon FL, Taylor JM., J Biol Chem. July 22, 2011; 286 (29): 25903-21.                    

In vivo analyzes of dystroglycan function during somitogenesis in Xenopus laevis., Hidalgo M, Sirour C, Bello V, Moreau N, Beaudry M, Darribère T., Dev Dyn. June 1, 2009; 238 (6): 1332-45.          

A function for dystroglycan in pronephros development in Xenopus laevis., Bello V, Sirour C, Moreau N, Denker E, Darribère T., Dev Biol. May 1, 2008; 317 (1): 106-20.          

Involvement of p120 catenin in myopodial assembly and nerve-muscle synapse formation., Madhavan R, Zhao XT, Reynolds AB, Peng HB., J Neurobiol. November 1, 2006; 66 (13): 1511-27.                

Dystroglycan is required for proper retinal layering., Lunardi A, Cremisi F, Dente L., Dev Biol. February 15, 2006; 290 (2): 411-20.            

Proteolytic enzymes and altered glycosylation modulate dystroglycan function in carcinoma cells., Singh J, Itahana Y, Knight-Krajewski S, Kanagawa M, Campbell KP, Bissell MJ, Muschler J., Cancer Res. September 1, 2004; 64 (17): 6152-9.

Cloning and expression patterns of dystroglycan during the early development of Xenopus laevis., Moreau N, Alfandari D, Alfandari D, Gaultier A, Cousin H, Darribère T., Dev Genes Evol. July 1, 2003; 213 (7): 355-9.

hAG-2 and hAG-3, human homologues of genes involved in differentiation, are associated with oestrogen receptor-positive breast tumours and interact with metastasis gene C4.4a and dystroglycan., Fletcher GC, Patel S, Tyson K, Adam PJ, Schenker M, Loader JA, Daviet L, Legrain P, Parekh R, Harris AL, Terrett JA., Br J Cancer. February 24, 2003; 88 (4): 579-85.        

Formation of multiple complexes between beta-dystroglycan and dystrophin family products., Royuela M, Chazalette D, Hugon G, Paniagua R, Guerlavais V, Fehrentz JA, Martinez J, Labbe JP, Rivier F, Mornet D., J Muscle Res Cell Motil. January 1, 2003; 24 (7): 387-97.

Molecular cloning and expression analysis of dystroglycan during Xenopus laevis embryogenesis., Lunardi A, Dente L., Mech Dev. December 1, 2002; 119 Suppl 1 S49-54.      

Mechanistic distinctions between agrin and laminin-1 induced aggregation of acetylcholine receptors., Lee LK, Kunkel DD, Stollberg J., BMC Neurosci. August 15, 2002; 3 10.              

Dystroglycan overexpression in vivo alters acetylcholine receptor aggregation at the neuromuscular junction., Heathcote RD, Ekman JM, Campbell KP, Godfrey EW., Dev Biol. November 15, 2000; 227 (2): 595-605.              

Agrin fragments differentially induce ectopic aggregation of acetylcholine receptors in myotomal muscles of Xenopus embryos., Godfrey EW, Roe J, Heathcote RD., J Neurobiol. September 15, 2000; 44 (4): 436-45.          

Acetylcholinesterase clustering at the neuromuscular junction involves perlecan and dystroglycan., Peng HB, Xie H, Rossi SG, Rotundo RL., J Cell Biol. May 17, 1999; 145 (4): 911-21.                  

The relationship between perlecan and dystroglycan and its implication in the formation of the neuromuscular junction., Peng HB, Ali AA, Daggett DF, Rauvala H, Hassell JR, Smalheiser NR., Cell Adhes Commun. September 1, 1998; 5 (6): 475-89.

Dystrophins in vertebrates and invertebrates., Roberts RG, Bobrow M., Hum Mol Genet. April 1, 1998; 7 (4): 589-95.

Dystrophin is replaced by utrophin in frog heart; implications for muscular dystrophy., Morris GE., Neuromuscul Disord. December 1, 1997; 7 (8): 493-8.

Laminin-induced clustering of dystroglycan on embryonic muscle cells: comparison with agrin-induced clustering., Cohen MW, Jacobson C, Yurchenco PD, Morris GE, Carbonetto S., J Cell Biol. March 10, 1997; 136 (5): 1047-58.                                              

Distribution of alpha-dystroglycan during embryonic nerve-muscle synaptogenesis., Cohen MW, Jacobson C, Godfrey EW, Campbell KP, Carbonetto S., J Cell Biol. May 1, 1995; 129 (4): 1093-101.                

A role for the dystrophin-glycoprotein complex as a transmembrane linker between laminin and actin., Ervasti JM, Campbell KP., J Cell Biol. August 1, 1993; 122 (4): 809-23.

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