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Papers associated with u2af2

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Jmjd6a regulates GSK3β RNA splicing in Xenopus laevis eye development., Shin JY, Son J, Kim WS, Gwak J, Ju BG., PLoS One. July 30, 2019; 14 (7): e0219800.                      

Accurate Profiling of Gene Expression and Alternative Polyadenylation with Whole Transcriptome Termini Site Sequencing (WTTS-Seq)., Zhou X, Li R, Michal JJ, Wu XL, Liu Z, Zhao H, Xia Y, Du W, Wildung MR, Pouchnik DJ, Harland RM, Jiang Z., Genetics. June 1, 2016; 203 (2): 683-97.                    

HIV-1 Rev protein specifies the viral RNA export pathway by suppressing TAP/NXF1 recruitment., Taniguchi I, Mabuchi N, Ohno M., Nucleic Acids Res. June 1, 2014; 42 (10): 6645-58.                

A flexible RNA backbone within the polypyrimidine tract is required for U2AF65 binding and pre-mRNA splicing in vivo., Chen C, Zhao X, Kierzek R, Yu YT., Mol Cell Biol. September 1, 2010; 30 (17): 4108-19.

U1-independent pre-mRNA splicing contributes to the regulation of alternative splicing., Fukumura K, Taniguchi I, Sakamoto H, Ohno M, Inoue K., Nucleic Acids Res. April 1, 2009; 37 (6): 1907-14.          

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