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Transcriptional regulator PRDM12 is essential for human pain perception., Chen YC, Chen YC, Auer-Grumbach M, Matsukawa S, Zitzelsberger M, Themistocleous AC, Strom TM, Samara C, Moore AW, Cho LT, Young GT, Weiss C, Schabhüttl M, Stucka R, Schmid AB, Parman Y, Graul-Neumann L, Heinritz W, Passarge E, Watson RM, Hertz JM, Moog U, Baumgartner M, Valente EM, Pereira D, Restrepo CM, Katona I, Dusl M, Stendel C, Wieland T, Stafford F, Reimann F, von Au K, Finke C, Willems PJ, Nahorski MS, Shaikh SS, Carvalho OP, Nicholas AK, Karbani G, McAleer MA, Cilio MR, McHugh JC, Murphy SM, Irvine AD, Jensen UB, Windhager R, Weis J, Bergmann C, Rautenstrauss B, Baets J, De Jonghe P, Reilly MM, Kropatsch R, Kurth I, Chrast R, Michiue T, Bennett DL, Woods CG, Senderek J., Nat Genet. July 1, 2015; 47 (7): 803-8.          

Thyroid hormone-dependent development in Xenopus laevis: a sensitive screen of thyroid hormone signaling disruption by municipal wastewater treatment plant effluent., Searcy BT, Beckstrom-Sternberg SM, Beckstrom-Sternberg JS, Stafford P, Schwendiman AL, Soto-Pena J, Owen MC, Ramirez C, Phillips J, Veldhoen N, Helbing CC, Propper CR., Gen Comp Endocrinol. May 1, 2012; 176 (3): 481-92.

Characterization of S100A11, a suppressive factor of fertilization, in the mouse female reproductive tract., Hanaue M, Miwa N, Uebi T, Fukuda Y, Katagiri Y, Takamatsu K., Mol Reprod Dev. February 1, 2011; 78 (2): 91-103.

Proteomics analysis of regenerating amphibian limbs: changes during the onset of regeneration., King MW, King MW, Neff AW, Mescher AL., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2009; 53 (7): 955-69.

Enhancement of axonal regeneration by in vitro conditioning and its inhibition by cyclopentenone prostaglandins., Tonge D, Chan K, Zhu N, Panjwani A, Arno M, Lynham S, Ward M, Snape A, Pizzey J., J Cell Sci. August 1, 2008; 121 (Pt 15): 2565-77.                        

KCNQ1 and KCNE1 in the IKs channel complex make state-dependent contacts in their extracellular domains., Xu X, Jiang M, Hsu KL, Zhang M, Tseng GN., J Gen Physiol. June 1, 2008; 131 (6): 589-603.                    

Forward Transport of K2p3.1: mediation by 14-3-3 and COPI, modulation by p11., O'Kelly I, Goldstein SA., Traffic. January 1, 2008; 9 (1): 72-8.

The retention factor p11 confers an endoplasmic reticulum-localization signal to the potassium channel TASK-1., Renigunta V, Yuan H, Zuzarte M, Rinné S, Koch A, Wischmeyer E, Schlichthörl G, Gao Y, Karschin A, Jacob R, Schwappach B, Daut J, Preisig-Müller R., Traffic. February 1, 2006; 7 (2): 168-81.

Assignment of the human dickkopf (Xenopus) homolog 4 (DKK4) to chromosome 8p11.2-->p11.1 by fluorescence in situ hybridization., Yoshida S, Satoh H, Mitsuya T, Tate G., Cytogenet Cell Genet. January 1, 2001; 94 (1-2): 88-9.

Mutations which impede loop/sheet polymerization enhance the secretion of human alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency variants., Sidhar SK, Lomas DA, Carrell RW, Foreman RC., J Biol Chem. April 14, 1995; 270 (15): 8393-6.

Xenopus annexin II (calpactin I) heavy chain has a distinct amino terminus., Izant JG, Bryson LJ., J Biol Chem. October 5, 1991; 266 (28): 18560-6.

Primary structure of human, chicken, and Xenopus laevis p11, a cellular ligand of the Src-kinase substrate, annexin II., Kube E, Weber K, Gerke V., Gene. June 30, 1991; 102 (2): 255-9.

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