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man2b1     mannosidase, alpha, class 2B, member 1

Monarch Ortholog Phenotypes
These phenotypes are associated with this gene with a has phenotype relation via Monarch.
Human (80 sources): Abnormal helix morphology, Abnormal pyramidal sign, Abnormal rib cage morphology, Arthritis, Avascular necrosis, Babinski sign, Behavioral abnormality, Bowing of the long bones, Broad forehead, Cataract, [+]
Mouse (26 sources): abnormal Kupffer cell morphology, abnormal axon morphology, abnormal cerebral cortex morphology, abnormal cochlea morphology, abnormal cochlear ganglion morphology, abnormal corneal stroma morphology, abnormal cranial ganglia morphology, abnormal eye muscle morphology, abnormal glial cell morphology, abnormal globus pallidus morphology, [+]

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