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Summary Expression Phenotypes Gene Literature (40) GO Terms (12) Nucleotides (167) Proteins (59) Interactants (32) Wiki
XB-GENEPAGE- 5957240

Show:     All X. tropicalis X. laevis.L

Protein sequences for clcn5 - All

Models (32)

Source Version Model Species
NCBI 10.1 XBmRNA65785 X. laevis.L
NCBI 10.0 mRNA039070 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000080840 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000004482 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000088138 X. tropicalis
Xenbase 9.2 rna19146 X. laevis.L
Xenbase 9.1 rna15859 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000080840 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000097266 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000082985 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000004482 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000063933 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000072447 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000075759 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000070205 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000088138 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000073240 X. tropicalis
JGI 8.0 Xetrov14032901m X. tropicalis
JGI 7.2 Xelaev16047983m X. laevis.L
JGI 7.1 Xetro.H00492.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 7.1 Xetro.H00492.2 X. tropicalis
JGI 6.0 XeXenL6RMv10010173m X. laevis.L
JGI 6.0 XeXenL6RMv10031536m X. laevis.L
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.239.93.1 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 4.1 ENSXETP00000004482 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.239.102.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.239.94.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.239.102.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.239.93.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.239.94.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_kg.C_scaffold_239000006 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_239000023 X. tropicalis

NCBI Proteins (27)

Accession Species Source
NP_001039210 X. tropicalis RefSeq
CAJ83644 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_012824020 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_012824018 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
A0A6I8S600 X. tropicalis Uniprot
KAE8583927 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8583926 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8583925 X. tropicalis RefSeq
AAI30106 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
AAD24497 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
CAA71071 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
NP_001080969 X. laevis.L RefSeq
AAI57729 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
AAI70157 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
AAI70161 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018084173 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018084171 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018084170 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018084169 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
OCT67210 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
OCT67209 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_041427863 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041427862 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041427861 X. laevis.L RefSeq

UniProt Proteins (4)

Accession Species Source
Q28C29 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A6I8S600 (InterPro) X. tropicalis Uniprot
Q9PWK7 (InterPro) X. laevis.L TrEMBL
A0A974C5S3 (InterPro) X. laevis.L TrEMBL