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XB-GENEPAGE- 1007163

Show:     All X. tropicalis X. laevis.L

Protein sequences for usp16 - All

Models (46)

Source Version Model Species
NCBI 10.1 XBmRNA16951 X. laevis.S
NCBI 10.1 XBmRNA11821 X. laevis.L
NCBI 10.0 mRNA015955 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000043701 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000073026 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000081930 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000082794 X. tropicalis
Xenbase 9.2 rna54452 X. laevis.S
Xenbase 9.2 rna8740 X. laevis.L
JGI 9.1 Xelaev18014276m X. laevis.S
JGI 9.1 Xelaev18011526m X. laevis.L
Xenbase 9.1 rna58385 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000043701 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000073026 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000081930 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000082794 X. tropicalis
JGI 8.0 Xetrov14006454m X. tropicalis
JGI 7.2 Xelaev16067574m X. laevis.L
JGI 7.1 Xetro.B02159.2 X. tropicalis
JGI 7.1 Xetro.B02159.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 7.1 Xetro.B02159.4 X. tropicalis
JGI 7.1 Xetro.B02159.3 X. tropicalis
JGI 6.0 XeXenL6RMv10045050m X. laevis.L
JGI 6.0 XeXenL6RMv10033529m X. laevis.L
JGI 4.1 estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_4510011 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 4.1 ENSXETP00000043701 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.451.53.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.451.54.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.451.64.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.451.86.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.451.53.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.451.54.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.451.64.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.451.86.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_FilteredModels1.C_4510009 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_Genewise1.C_4510053 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_Genewise1.C_4510054 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_Genewise1.C_4510064 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_Genewise1.C_4510086 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_fgenesh1_kg.C_4510004 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_4510012 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 estExt_fgenesh1_pm.C_4510005 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_kg.C_scaffold_451000004 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_451000011 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_451000012 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pm.C_scaffold_451000005 X. tropicalis

NCBI Proteins (30)

Accession Species Source
NP_001072158 X. tropicalis RefSeq
AAI21231 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
AAH75532 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_012812151 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_012812149 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_012812150 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
KAE8621672 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8621671 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8621670 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8621669 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8621668 X. tropicalis RefSeq
AAH60022 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
NP_001083244 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_018104354 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
OCT91228 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
XP_018100396 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018100395 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018100394 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018100393 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
OCT93855 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_041439321 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041439320 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041439318 X. laevis.S RefSeq
A0A8J0UBQ7 X. laevis.L Uniprot
A0A8J0UEE2 X. laevis.L Uniprot
A0A8J1MCP4 X. laevis.S Uniprot

UniProt Proteins (7)

Accession Species Source
Q0VA64 (InterPro) X. tropicalis Swiss-Prot
Q6PAW2 (InterPro) X. laevis.L TrEMBL
A0A1L8HCR0 (InterPro) X. laevis.L TrEMBL
A0A8J0UBQ7 (InterPro) X. laevis.L Uniprot
A0A8J0UEE2 (InterPro) X. laevis.L Uniprot
A0A8J1MCP4 (InterPro) X. laevis.S Uniprot
A0A974DMG3 (InterPro) X. laevis.L TrEMBL