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Protein sequences for camk2d - All

Models (50)

Source Version Model Species
NCBI 10.1 XBmRNA7445 X. laevis.S
NCBI 10.1 XBmRNA1838 X. laevis.L
NCBI 10.0 mRNA014936 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000091095 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000069369 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000033918 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000014166 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000077585 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000075421 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000074808 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000073251 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 10.0 ENSXETP00000077099 X. tropicalis
Xenbase 9.2 rna20997 X. laevis.L
Xenbase 9.2 rna84482 X. laevis.S
JGI 9.1 Xelaev18009360m X. laevis.S
JGI 9.1 Xelaev18005666m X. laevis.L
Xenbase 9.1 rna41882 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000014166 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000091095 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000033918 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000077099 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000074808 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000077585 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000075421 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000073902 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000073251 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 9.1 ENSXETP00000069369 X. tropicalis
JGI 8.0 Xetrov14004343m X. tropicalis
JGI 7.2 Xelaev16032481m X. laevis.S
JGI 7.1 Xetro.C00973.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 7.1 Xetro.C00973.2 X. tropicalis
JGI 6.0 XeXenL6RMv10002549m X. laevis.S
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_89000037 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 4.1 ENSXETP00000033918 X. tropicalis
ENSEMBL 4.1 ENSXETP00000033925 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.89.11.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.89.12.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.89.132.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.89.14.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.89.18.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 e_gw1.89.80.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.89.11.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.89.12.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.89.132.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.89.14.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.89.18.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 gw1.89.80.1 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_kg.C_scaffold_89000010 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_89000038 X. tropicalis
JGI 4.1 fgenesh1_pg.C_scaffold_89000039 X. tropicalis

NCBI Proteins (93)

Accession Species Source
AAI57250 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
NP_001107164 X. tropicalis RefSeq
AAI71257 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_017952547 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_017952520 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_017952508 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_017952499 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_017952497 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_017952474 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_017952440 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_031746462 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_031746437 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_031746410 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_031746387 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_031746309 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_031746278 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
XP_031746239 X. tropicalis NCBI Protein
A0A803KI72 X. tropicalis Uniprot
KAE8630591 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8630590 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8630589 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8630588 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8630587 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8630586 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8630585 X. tropicalis RefSeq
KAE8630584 X. tropicalis RefSeq
AAG36922 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
AAG36921 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
AAG36920 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
AAG36919 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
AAG17554 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
NP_001083858 X. laevis.S RefSeq
AAI69519 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
AAI69523 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
OCT97137 X. laevis.S NCBI Protein
XP_018107043 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018107034 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_018107012 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
OCT99882 X. laevis.L NCBI Protein
XP_041446355 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446346 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446342 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446329 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446318 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446315 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446313 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446309 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446301 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446298 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041446295 X. laevis.L RefSeq
XP_041430250 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430246 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430245 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430244 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430243 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430241 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430235 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430230 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430224 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430222 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430220 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430218 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430217 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430216 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430212 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430208 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430204 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430200 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430197 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430194 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430188 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430186 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430180 X. laevis.S RefSeq
XP_041430174 X. laevis.S RefSeq
A0A8J0UP94 X. laevis.L Uniprot
A0A8J0USB6 X. laevis.L Uniprot
A0A8J0UPA4 X. laevis.L Uniprot

UniProt Proteins (20)

Accession Species Source
A9ULG8 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A803KI72 (InterPro) X. tropicalis Uniprot
A0A6I8Q9K0 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A6I8QVU4 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J0T5R3 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J0T5S6 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J0T5V1 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J0T5V7 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J0T6P5 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J1IL97 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J1ILD8 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J1ILF6 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J1ILM4 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J1ILR8 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
A0A8J1INS8 (InterPro) X. tropicalis TrEMBL
Q9DG02 (InterPro) X. laevis.S Swiss-Prot
B7ZPP0 (InterPro) X. laevis.S TrEMBL
A0A8J0UP94 (InterPro) X. laevis.L Uniprot
A0A8J0USB6 (InterPro) X. laevis.L Uniprot
A0A8J0UPA4 (InterPro) X. laevis.L Uniprot