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ank2xenopus photoreceptor layer 

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Ankyrin-B is required for coordinated expression of beta-2-spectrin, the Na/K-ATPase and the Na/Ca exchanger in the inner se...

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ank2.L laevis NF stage 66 photoreceptor layer

  Fig. 2. Localization of ankyrin-B to the inner segments of rod photoreceptors is conserved between human and Xenopus. High-resolution confocal microscopy shows that ankyrin-B (red) localizes to the inner segments of photoreceptors that are marked by NKA staining (green) in human (top panels) and Xenopus (bottom panels) retinas. DIC images of human and Xenopus retinas show the outer segments (OS), inners segments (IS) and outer nuclear layer (ONL) are well preserved. Scale bar indicates 20 μm.