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Rachev E et al. (2020) Assay

CFAP43 modulates ciliary beating in mouse and Xenopus.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
cfap43.L laevis NF stage 19 neural tube

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  Fig. 2. Expression of cfap43 in wt and foxj1-manipulated Xenopus embryos. (A) Foxj1 and cfap43 are co-expressed as shown by comparative analysis of foxj1 and cfap43 mRNA expression in staged embryos using specific antisense RNA probes. (a, b) foxj1 expression, but not cfap43 was shown in the precursor of the left-right organizer (LRO), the superficial mesoderm (SM) of stage 10 gastrula embryos. (c, d) Dorsal explants and transversal histological sections (c’, d’) through neurula embryos at stage 19 revealed mRNA transcription of both genes in the floor plate (FP), and cfap43 mRNA in addition in the LRO (GRP; outlined by dashed lines), where expression is induced already at stage 15 (not shown). (e, f) Co-expression in the nephrostomes (black arrowheads) and MCCs (white arrowheads) of stage 33 larvae. (g, h) Staining of stage 45 tadpoles in whole-mounts demonstrated strong neural expression of foxj1 in the sub-commissural organ (SCO), zona limitans intrathalamica (ZLI) and the FP, which was absent for cfap43 (g’’‘, h’’‘). Non-neural expression was found in the dorsal lining of the branchial chamber (BC) (g’‘, h’‘) and in the stomach (stom.) (g’, h’). (B) Cfap43 is a foxj1 target gene. Embryos were unilaterally injected with foxj1 mRNA and analyzed for cfap43 expression. *, injected side. (C) Foxj1 F0 crispant embryos (b, b’) lacked detectable cfap43 expression except for the proctodeum (black arrowhead). Scale bars ​= ​100 ​μm.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
cfap43.L laevis NF stage 45 brain

  cfap43 (cilia and flagella associated protein 43) gene expression in a X. laevis embryo, assayed via in situ hybridization NF stage 45, (h) dorsal view of head/trunk region, with sections h', h'', h''' as indicated. Key: stom = stomach, BC = lining of the branchial basket; SCO= subcommissural organ, ZLI = zona limitans intrathalamica.