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dlx5xenopus animal pole 

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Voigt J et al. (2005) Assay

Expression cloning screening of a unique and full-length set of cDNA clones is an efficient method for identifying genes involved in Xenopus neurogenesis.

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dlx5 tgas002c02 tropicalis NF stage 11 animal pole

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  Fig. 4. (a,b) Expression patterns of the single clones identified in the unique full-length set screen. Xenopus tropicalis gastrula, neurula and tailbud stage embryos were in situ hybridised with antisense probes to the single clones identified in the unique full-length set screen. Gastrula stages embryos are shown vegetally with dorsal to the top (unless stated otherwise). At neurula stages an anterior and dorsal view is presented. Tailbud embryos are oriented with anterior to the left and dorsal to the top unless indicated otherwise. In come cases the wholemount images are supplemented by neurula and tailbud stage dissected embryos. If no specific staining was detected no image is shown.