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dlx5xenopus stomodeal-hypophyseal primordium [+] 

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Illes JC et al. (2009) Assay

Cloning and expression analysis of the anterior parahox genes, Gsh1 and Gsh2 from Xenopus tropicalis.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
dlx5 tropicalis NF stage 31 stomodeal-hypophyseal primordium

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  Figure 2. Developmental expression of Gsh1 [now called gsx1] . A-J, P-W: Gsh1 WISH. K-O: Double WISH as indicated. L, N, S-V: Cleared embryos. K, M, O-R, S (inset): Microtome sections (14 mu m). A: Dorsal, early neurula stage 14. B: Dorso-anterior, mid-neurula stage 17. C: Dorsal, late neurula stage 19. D: Lateral, stage 19. E: Lateral, early tailbud stage 25. F: Dorsal, stage 25. G: Anterior, stage 25. H-S: Tailbud stage 31. H: Lateral. I: Dorsal. J: Anterior. K: Sagittal section through head. L: Head, lateral. M: Anterior hindbrain, transverse section. N: Head, lateral. O, P: Anterior forebrain, transverse sections. Q: Mid forebrain, transverse section. R: Posterior forebrain, transverse section. S: Head, lateral; inset, anterior forebrain section. T: Head, lateral, tailbud stage 35. U: Anterior spinal cord, lateral, late tailbud stage 40. V: Head, dorsal, larval stage 47. W: Midbrain, transverse section, stage 47. Key: ant, anterior; fmb, forebrain-midbrain boundary; hb, hindbrain; hyp, hypothalamus; lge, lateral ganglionic eminence; mge, medial ganglionic eminence; mhb, midbrain-hindbrain boundary; nc, notochord; ob, olfactory bulb; ov, otic vesicle; post, posterior; pt, pretectum; r1, rhombomere 1; r6, rhombomere 6; se, septum; sc, spinal cord; tec, tectum; tel, telencephalon; th, thalamus; vz, ventricular zone; zli, zona limitans intrathalamica.