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enahxenopus neuron 

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Regulation of ECM degradation and axon guidance by growth cone invadosomes.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
enah.L laevis NF stage 25 neuron

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  Fig. 4. F-actin foci colocalize with Cttn and other invadosome modulators within growth cones. (A-D) Confocal images of growth cones cultured on laminin and immunolabeled for Cttn (A), Arp3 (B), N-WASP (C) and Mena (D). (A′,D′) Phalloidin labeling of F-actin. (A′-D′) Merged images of the immunolabeling (green) and F-actin labeling (red). Note the strong colocalization of F-actin foci with immunolabeled proteins (arrowheads). (E-E′) TIRF images of a live growth cone on laminin expressing both GFP-α-actinin (E) and mCh-UtrCH (E′). Note in the merged image (E′) that α-actinin targets to mCh-UtrCH-labeled F-actin foci (arrowheads). Scale bar: 5 µm.