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hoxb4xenopus non-involuting marginal zone 

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Experiment details for hoxb4

In der Rieden PM et al. (2009) Assay

Xwnt8 directly initiates expression of labial Hox genes.

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  Figure 2. Expression of Xwnt8, Hoxd1, Hoxb4, and Hoxc6 during gastrulation. A-D: Embryos were analyzed by whole-mount in situ hybridization for expression of Xwnt8 (A), Hoxd1 (B), Hoxb4 (C), and Hoxc6 (D). Embryos are shown, going from left to right through the panels, at stage 11, stage 11.5, stage 12 (vegetal views with dorsal up), and at stage 13 (vegetal views with dorsal up). Xwnt8 expression overlaps with the expression of Hoxd1 in the ventrolateral mesoderm during early gastrulation. At stage 12, the posterior most expression of Xwnt8 becomes restricted to dorsolateral marginal zone, overlapping with the expression domain of Hoxd1. When gastrulation is nearly completed, an overlap in expression of Xwnt8 and Hoxd1 can be observed in presumptive hindbrain, and paraxial mesoderm. Hoxb4 and Xwnt8 show an overlap in their expression patterns during stage 11.5, at stage 12 ectodermal expression of Hoxb4 is initiated in overlapping the dorsolateral Xwnt8 expression domain. During late gastrulation, an overlap in expression of Hoxb4 and Xwnt8 is observed in paraxial mesoderm. Expression of Hoxc6, on the other hand, is initiated after the retraction of the Xwnt8 expression to the dorsolateral domains; therefore, an overlap in expression is only observed there. This overlap is still visible at the end of gastrulation. Likewise for Hoxd1 and Hoxb4, the first ectodermal expression is found in the ectoderm overlying the posterior dorsolateral domains of XWnt8 expression.