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hoxd13xenopus anterior 

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Regeneration-specific expression pattern of three posterior Hox genes.

Regeneration-specific expression pattern of three posterior Hox genes.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
hoxd13.S image:3399571 laevis NF stage 51 to NF stage 55 anterior

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  Figure 2. Posterior Hox gene expression in embryos and developing limbs. In situ hybridisation in stage 30 embryos and various stages of developing limbs. A-D: XHoxc10 expression. E-H: XHoxa13 expression. I-L: XHoxd13 expression. White arrows indicate anterior expression boundary in the CNS. For the limbs, the orientation is natural, i.e., the viewer is looking down dorsally, proximal is to the left, anterior is down, and posterior up.