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hoxd13xenopus tail 

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Regeneration-specific expression pattern of three posterior Hox genes.

Regeneration-specific expression pattern of three posterior Hox genes.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
hoxd13.S image:3399571 laevis NF stage 50 to NF stage 52 tail

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  Figure 4. Posterior Hox gene expression in regenerating and wounded tadpole tails. In situ hybridisation of posterior Hox genes after tail resection or wounding. A-C: XHoxc10 expression. D-F: XHoxa13 expression. G-I: XHoxd13 expression. Stage 50-52 tails were amputated at mid-tail level and left to regenerate for 1 (A,D,G) or 3 days (B,E,H). Stage 54 tails were wounded mid-tail and fixed 1 day later (C,F,I). The black arrows point to the staining in the neural tube. All pictures are side views with rostral to the left.