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kcnd2xenopus globe 

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Pollock NS et al. (2002) Assay

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
kcnd2 tropicalis NF stage 28 to NF stage 29 and 30 globe

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  Fig. 6. Voltage-dependent potassium 4.2 (Kv4.2)–like subunits are expressed in the Xenopus retina. Transverse sections through Xenopus retinas at different developmental stages. A: Kv4.2-like immunoreactivity is first detectable at stage 24 in the retina with labelling in the basal lamina surrounding the eye primordium (arrowhead). B: At stage 28, additional labelling is observed in radially oriented fibres (arrowhead), processes along the vitreal surface of the retina (arrow), and cell bodies. C: Higher magnification picture demonstrates staining of processes along the vitreal surface (vs) in a stage 30 retina. Arrows point to immunolabelling of the basal lamina. D: At stage 37/38, and earlier at stage 35/36, radial cell processes and a subset of retinal ganglion cell and cells in the outer nerve layer (ONL) are immunopositive for the Kv4.2-like protein. D, dorsal; Di, diencephalon; Ep, eye primordium; IPL, inner plexiform layer; L, lens; RGCL, retinal ganglion cell layer; V, ventral. Scale bar 200 m for A and B and 100 m for C and D.