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krt12.6xenopus regenerating limb 

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Experiment details for krt12.6

Reactivation of larval keratin gene (krt62.L) in blastema epithelium during Xenopus froglet limb regeneration.

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krt12.6.L laevis NF stage 66 regenerating limb

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  Fig. 2. Fgf8, krt62.L and Krt12.6.S expression in the froglet blastema. The middle bud blastema was sectioned. In situ hybridization (for Fgf8 or krt62.L) and immunofluorescence (for Krt12.6.S) were performed on an identical section. (A) Histological observation. B–G are the higher magnification views of the arrowed region in A. (B–D) krt62.L and Krt12.6.S expression. D is the merged image with the high magnification of B and C. Krt12.6.S color was changed using Photoshop for easier recognition. (E–G) fgf8 and Krt12.6.S expression. G is the merged image with the high magnification of E and F. Krt12.6.S color was changed by Photoshop for easier recognition. The dotted lines in D and G indicate the border of the blastema epithelium. Scale bars in A, B and D are 500, 200 and 100 µm, respectively.